Avoid These Common Mistakes Made During Corporate Gifting

We have all had our experiences receiving less than stellar – to put it nicely – corporate gifts before. Gifts that feel like more of a marketing piece than an actual corporate gift.

While it is normal to remember the bad ones, it is more important to ensure the receiver remembers the good ones. So, what is the difference between a good and bad corporate gift? How do you ensure that the corporate gift you choose stands out from the other corporate gifts the receivers have gotten all these years? Here are some tips that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.


Tip #1: Practicality does not mean being boring

Corporate gifts should always prioritise being practical and useful, but that does not mean it is boring. Often, companies choose corporate gifts that are unique and unnecessary. The only reason why they choose such gifts is that they look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Practical corporate gifts that look nice can be a good mix of elevated office essentials such as multi-function folding notebook, USB Mini Humidifier, or even Anti-Theft Computer Backpack. When you give practical gifts that the receivers can use often, it gives them the impression that you put some thought into choosing the corporate gifts. That builds the relationship between the company and the receiver.


Tip #2: Prioritise on how the gift can better reflect your company

Corporate gifts directly reflect the company and what it stands for. A lousy gift reflects poorly on the company. Vice versa, a good gift positively reflects the company. Before deciding on the prospective gift, always ask yourself if it represents the company and what it stands for. This is why at Apex Gifts and Prints, we always make sure that the gifts and services we provide are of the best quality.


Tip #3: Corporate gifts should not look and feel like a marketing tool

 Gifts are meant to look like gifts. An excellent corporate gift helps complement your brand but does not make the receiver feel like a strictly business-only relationship. One of the most prominent mistakes among companies is that the corporate gifts feel more like a self-promoting tool that does nothing to foster and strengthen the relationship between company and client. 

To sum it up, we do not recommend putting your logo on every item in the corporate gift. Doing so decreases the value of the gift as the receiver will feel like you are sending a marketing product. Your brand should be subtly put across in areas that are not as obvious, but the receiver will be aware of it.


Tip #4: Personalised the corporate gifts to the receiver, not to your company

When you get a gift for someone, you always get a gift that the receiver will like, not what you as the giver like. Likewise, this thought process should also be translated to corporate gifts. If you are getting for a single client or your employees, adding the receiver’s initials on the gifts would be a nice touch and is a way to show the person the company values them. Customised notebooks or items such as mugs, power banks, and cutlery sets are excellent options that you can consider.



These are our top tips for upping your corporate gifting game and some of the common mistakes to avoid. Remember that corporate gifts should reflect well on your company and that it is the act of gifting that is important. So, show how much you value your receivers, be it your employees, clients, or customers.

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