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We offer a wide range of unique corporate gift options, ranging from day-to-day products to electronics products. Click on any of the following categories to explore now.


Rather than sending or receiving corporate gifts that will end up in the dusty corners of our tables and homes, we at Apex Gifts and Prints offer practical and unique corporate gifts that are gender-neutral, original, and thoughtful.

If you plan to bulk purchase door gifts for events or even as a corporate gift for loyal customers and employees, here are some of our hot selling gift products.

Singapore's best corporate gifts supplier

With an experienced procurement team, we are one of the most efficient, affordable and unique corporate gift wholesale and bulk printing suppliers in Singapore.
We offer both standard and customisable gifts services, including printing of logo, customising of gift box, and other unique gift requirements. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Customised gifts and printing services

At Apex Gifts and Prints, our team of designers and creators are ready to help you customise unique gifts for your customers and employees. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Corporate Gifts Printing Services
  • Gift Box Customisation Services
  • Packing Services
  • Warehousing and Delivery Services
  • Artwork Design and Sharpening Services

    Corporate gifts play an important role in building brand engagement, recognition, and loyalty. When gifts are sent out to reward employees for their hard work, it serves as a form of motivation, which encourages employees to produce better quality work. Corporate gifts also help in promoting a sense of belonging as part of the company, thereby, creating a positive working environment where employees feel valued. When sending corporate gifts to customers, it helps to differentiate and set the company apart from the competitors, facilitating brand recall. The act of giving also helps to strengthen the emotional connection and relationship between the customer and the brand, as customers would most likely feel satisfied that the company is taking an extra mile to make them feel appreciated and will be more inclined to continue the relationship in the long run.


    1. Decide Your Budget
      It’s essential to set a fixed budget when purchasing corporate gifts. Having a fixed budget enables you to focus on realistic gift ideas.
    2. Select A Suitable Corporate Gift Supplier
      Instead of doing everything yourself, corporate gift suppliers like Apex Gifts and Prints exist to make your life easier by doing the bulk of the work. From providing the options to delivering the gifts, corporate gift suppliers enable you a stress-free gift shopping experience.
    3. Do Your Research
      When you have engaged the best suited corporate gift supplier, you may seek them for advice on gift trends and best sellers.
    4. Quality Check
      This is especially important for brands who wish to customise their gifts. Before putting down a bulk purchase order, you might want to ask the supplier for a sample of the gift to ensure that everything is in place.
    5. Delivery
      Your corporate gift supplier can help coordinate respective delivery. Apex Gifts and Prints delivers not only within Singapore but also internationally.

    Customised Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

    The top wholesaler of personalized corporate gifts in Singapore is Apex Gifts and Prints, and we take pleasure in our ability to deliver high-quality goods that satisfy each and every one of our customers' requirements. We'll work with you to provide gift suggestions that are sure to please your target demographic while taking account of the most recent trends and ideas. We have everything you could possible need, whether you want to add a personalized touch to your gift or you simply want to express your gratitude. Browse our extensive selection of goods or contact us to have your corporate gifts specially produced. There are countless options! The goal of Apex Gifts and Prints is to serve as your go-to wholesale source for all of your corporate and promotional gifting needs.


    Would you like any further information about our range of gifts, or perhaps you would like to enquire about making a wholesale purchase? We look forward to hearing from you and assisting in any way that we can! Send us a message through our contact form.