Choosing a Good-Quality Power Bank for Corporate Gifting

Choosing a Good-Quality Power Bank for Corporate Gifting

Ever heard of Low-Battery Anxiety? It’s the name of that familiar feeling upon seeing the dreaded “Low Battery Alert” pop up on your phone screen. For most people, this feeling ranges to anything from worry, panic, annoyance, or frustration. 

People these days rely on their smartphones for communication, entertainment, news updates, and some other trappings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out); but more importantly, they also do online banking, contactless payments, and food deliveries. Suffice it to say that most people nowadays don’t like to step out of their homes without their phone and — just as importantly — some way to charge it. 

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas, this should give you an insight into the perfect item for anyone across the board. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favourite tech gadget: power banks! Since we know all things techy can seem tricky, we’ve narrowed down the essentials on what you should look for in a power bank before giving them away to your valued partners and staff. 



A power bank’s capacity, measured in milliampere-hour or mAh, is an indication of its charging abilities. A battery pack with a 2000-3000mAH will be able to provide one complete charge for a standard smartphone, while a 5000mAh power bank will provide around two full charges or more. 

Some people prioritize getting more charges out of their power bank, which suggests a higher mAh capacity. However, other people prize portability and pocketability more, and since the size and weight increase with mAh capacity, they prefer to content themselves with a lower-capacity model. There are perks to be had whether you choose a high-capacity (more charges) or low-capacity (more portable) power bank. 



Opting for a good quality power bank means your recipient keeps it around for longer — this translates to a higher ROI for your corporate gifting campaign. Moreover, it gives a positive impression on your company’s culture and success. Gifting a high-quality item likewise hints at your goodwill and interest in improving your relationship with the recipient.

Higher-end power banks are usually tested to meet basic safety requirements — cheap ones can overload and damage devices, and that’s not doing your recipient a favour at all. Most users treasure power banks since it supports their on-the-go lifestyle — thus, you want to gift a high-quality item that can withstand moderate knocks and drops that accompany their life on the road. 



If a power bank is so essential, it stands to reason that your intended recipient could have bought their own by now. So what sets your gift item apart as a unique corporate gift? For one thing, you can strive for novelty. You can avail power banks in many different shapes and sizes, such as popular animated characters or cutesy animal forms; there are likewise multipurpose power banks that function as (for example) phone stands or cardholders.  

Most importantly, don’t forget to capitalize on your branding opportunity — you can custom-print, deboss, or engrave the power bank with your company name and logo for quality brand exposure. In this way, it will serve as a constant reminder of your business to the recipient every time they use it. 



In choosing a good-quality power bank for your gifting campaign, you can help your recipient keep Low-Battery Anxiety at bay. Looking for the right corporate gift for a goodwill gesture? Apex Gifts and Prints offers promotional gifts in bulk and customized gifting solutions that fit your brand and budget. Check out our high-quality custom power banks and other company gifts at the most economical costs. Contact us today for information about customized company gifts.