When to Use Customised Coasters in Singapore

Using personalised materials is a fantastic method to raise awareness and attention for your business, brand, event, or even a special occasion. Brand colours, logos, quotations, photos, dates, and a lot more can all be customised. 

Drink coasters are a small but significant item in every bar, eatery, and residence. They shield furniture from water stains and condensation caused by bottles, cans, cups, and glasses. It may be a terrific tool for customisation and advertising and a practical item around homes and workplaces. 


6 Practical Ways to Use Customised Coasters 

Coasters are primarily used to shield surfaces from stains brought on by beverage spillage. Additionally, many use coasters to prevent dirt and insects from getting into their glasses or mugs.  

For your home and business, coasters come in a range of designs and styles. Additionally, there are bespoke coasters that you can alter to suit your needs, such as to match the design of your house or place of business or to further your marketing goals. 

Prevent Stains on Your Worksurface or Table 

Use coasters to keep your desk neat if you always have a coffee or water bottle nearby, even while working. You can't just avoid coasters if your buddies frequently stop by your desk with their coffee mugs. 

Put personalised coasters with phrases like "Put Your Mug Here" on your desk to encourage visitors and coworkers to use them to set down their mugs and cups. This saves you the time and effort of cleaning and wiping your desk at work.

Promote Your Bar or Restaurant 

Custom coasters can be a helpful marketing tool for any food and beverage establishment that serves and delivers beverages, including bars, restaurants, and other eating and drinking establishments.  

Every company invests a sizable sum on branding to expand and attract more clients. Custom coasters may be a cost-effective approach to do that. You may have coasters with your company's logo, tagline, message, and other branding details printed on them and put them on the tables at your restaurant or give them out with takeout orders and delivery packages. 

Both wide and narrow bases can be found on glasses. However, one size may not fit everyone in this situation. If your establishment serves a variety of beverages, you can purchase coasters made to fit specific beverages and glass/mug sizes. 

Increase Brand Awareness at Events and Trade Shows 

A sea of brands, companies, suppliers, and customers collide at trade shows. Custom coasters can be used to advertise your company and specials and grab the attention of potential customers when they visit your booth at the fair. 

Just provide your guests with custom-printed paper coasters and napkins they can take home, a glass of water, or a cup of coffee. The contact details printed on the coasters will enable them to get in touch with you later, ideally during regular business hours. 

Office conference room coasters 

Businesses meet with clients and teams in the meeting rooms in each office for a variety of reasons. Customizable or writeable paper or cardboard coasters might be quite useful in this situation if it is a team gathering.  

You can write out meeting rules and regulations. They also function like a piece of paper to record the information presented during the meeting. 

Boost Ambience at Your Table or Home 

Custom coasters can also be employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior decor of your home. You can have a coaster made just for your table or in keeping with the style of your home. Numerous coaster producers offer that service at a low cost. 

You can print images of yourself or your loved ones on the coaster. Alternatively, you could also add a quote on the coaster. You may get a complete set of personalised coasters for your table. On coasters, you can also print the nouns or pronouns of the people using them. 

Custom coasters improve the look of your table and house interior simultaneously. Custom coasters are a fantastic present option for holidays, celebrations, and special occasions. 

Protect Your Car's Surfaces 

Additionally, vehicle coasters may be used to keep your car's inside (including the dashboard and seat) spotless. While riding or driving, people enjoy eating and drinking. And it frequently explains spills and eventual stains on car seats. 

Customised coasters can help you keep your vehicle clean and organised. They stop mugs or glasses from spilling their contents. They also clean up spills and protect the interior of your car's surface. 

Customised Board Coasters

4 Reasons to Use Customised Coasters 

They are discardable 

Due to the ongoing epidemic, many food service and beverage businesses have had to revise their standard operating procedures to adhere to health and safety regulations. Disposable goods can reduce shared contact points and promote safety for both workers and customers. After visitors leave, coasters are simple to discard, taking one item off your staff's cleaning to-do list. 

Keeps your bar top or tabletop clean 

Cold beer and frosty mixed beverages will cause condensation, so coasters can help keep surfaces clean and organised. They can also aid in lessening the quantity of housekeeping your personnel must do after each departing customer. 

Cheap giveaway 

Coasters are a great item to give away! Top followers adore stuff from their preferred brands and adore it even more when it's free. By dispensing cheap coasters, you can empower devoted customers to promote your business on your behalf. They will gain for their home bar and are more inclined to stick with your company. 

Advertisement Material 

A coaster is another kind of advertising, in addition to tap handles, tin tackers, and bar signage that may be displayed at the bar or restaurant a client is visiting. It is the closest consumers get to your company's name and emblem because it sits immediately beneath their glass. A closer inspection enables consumers to recognise the complex elements and design that went into your brand and helps them retain what they see. 

Get Your Customised Coasters in Singapore Today! 

You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for coasters, including wood, marble, vinyl, and paper, depending on your tastes. Paper coasters are only meant to be used once, whereas spills and stains on wood, marble, and vinyl coasters can readily be wiped and washed under running water. 

Personalised coasters can be utilised for a wide range of occasions and goals, both personal and professional. Fortunately, Apex Gifts and Prints provides custom-branded coasters of excellent quality at reasonable costs. Create your customised coasters in Singapore right away!