Fundamental Guide To Corporate Gifting And Doing It Well

Fundamental Guide To Corporate Gifting And Doing It Well

Corporate gifts refer to any gift given to the company’s or organisation’s employees or clients. While such gifts can include company products or outsourced products, they should always observe professional etiquette based on the varying relationship between the company and the recipient.

What kind of corporate gifts are there?

There are many different categories of corporate gifts you can give in a corporate setting.

  1. Celebration gifts. 
    Given during special occasions such as holidays, company’s anniversary, or celebrating a good year, these gifts are given to celebrate and are not limited to just company level. You can even plan it for individual giftings such as an employee’s birthday, wedding, or corporate milestones.
  1. Group gifts. 
    Given between co-workers or from employees to their employers, these gifts can be given to foster relationships without breaching professional boundaries. 
  1. Personalised gifts. 
    It can be given as a form of a celebration gift or a group gift. All in all, this gift demonstrates an added thought to the particular recipient.
  1. Promotional gifts. 
    These are usually given to clients or customers to promote a particular campaign or event. Sometimes addressed as swag, these promotional gifts are ideal marketing strategies.


Why is corporate gifting essential?

Corporate gifting is an excellent corporate practice if you wish to grow your business reach. There are four ways it can help you accomplish so: 

  • Boosting employees’ morale at work.
  • Increasing your brand recognition.
  • Generating more client leads.
  • Retaining more clients.


Healthy corporate gifting guidelines

  1. Corporate gifting should never be a “must-do”.
    Gifts should be given out of free will and not as an obligation. There must be genuineness when gifting someone a present. Awards should never be given as a gift. Awards are meant to be given as a goal for employees to achieve.
  1. Corporate gifts should never be too personal or expensive. 
    Do not give personalised gifts that might cross professional boundaries and are too personal. Also, keep your expenses to a comfortable level so that you may not seem like you are trying to buy favour.


Ideal corporate gift ideas

Ideally, you would want to choose corporate gifts that are practical and will not end up in a corner collecting dust. A lot of time, companies that choose to spend on corporate gifts make the mistake of selecting gifts for the sake of giving gifts and end up selecting gifts that look aesthetically pleasing but do not go well with the recipients. Always bear in mind that expensive gift does not mean good gifts. Always choose gifts that are useful that you know that the recipients will use all the time. Gifts such as customised mugs, water bottles, bags, organisers, notebooks, and pens are ideal corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are ideal marketing tools that help in growing business engagement. The more the recipient uses the gifts you gave them, the more they will be reminded of your company. In addition, when more people see the corporate gift, the more interest in your brand you will garner.



Do not discount the importance of corporate giftings. We hope this quick guide can help you generate unique ideas to help your brand or organisation grow with corporate giftings.

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