Gifts for Businesses That Encourage Remote Work and Increase Productivity

The epidemic has altered the method in which we perform our duties. Companies are adjusting to the new reality of remote work by providing their workers with the appropriate tools and resources to enable them to work effectively from home. This has become the new normal in the workplace. Nevertheless, it is essential for you as an employer to keep your employees engaged and motivated at all times, particularly in times like today when things are difficult. Sending them business gifts that are conducive to working remotely and increasing productivity is one approach to accomplish this goal. In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful gift ideas for remote workers, which may assist these individuals in being productive and motivated in their work.

Ergonomic Office Equipment

The body can take a beating if you work from home, particularly if you are not accustomed to maintaining the same position for long periods of time. The use of ergonomic workplace equipment can assist reduce the amount of strain placed on the body and increase productivity. The following are some wonderful ideas for presents:

Chairs with good ergonomics can help alleviate back and neck pain by being supportive, pleasant, and adaptable.Standing workstations can assist improve posture and lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health concerns. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular.Footrests: Even a basic footrest can help relieve leg discomfort and increase blood circulation in your feet and legs.Headphones With a Noise Cancelling Function

Working from home may be a loud endeavour, particularly if you have young children or animals in the house. Noise-cancelling headphones are a useful tool for improving concentration since they assist to block out ambient noise. In addition to that, they are wonderful for holding online meetings and making virtual phone conversations. The following are some examples of popular choices:

These noise-cancelling headphones from Sony, model number WH-1000XM4, are a wonderful choice for individuals who are passionate about music.These headphones, which are made by Bose and called the QuietComfort 35 II, provide an excellent sound and are quite comfortable to use.

Blue Light Glasses

Long periods of time spent staring at a computer screen can put pressure on your eyes, which can lead to headaches and weariness. Blue light spectacles have been shown to increase the quality of sleep as well as minimise eye strain. They are an excellent present for people who work from home and spend the most of their day sitting in front of a computer. The following are some examples of popular choices:

Felix Grey These glasses block out blue light and cut down on glare, which makes it simpler to operate for extended periods of time without causing strain to the eyes.These glasses from Warby Parker include an anti-reflective coating and, if necessary, they come with prescription lenses already installed.Exercises in Virtual Reality to Build Teams.Working remotely may be a very alienating experience; thus, it is critical to keep up the morale and cohesiveness of the team. Employees can become better acquainted with one another and develop a stronger sense of community via the use of virtual team-building activities. Listed below are some amusing choices:

Night spent playing video games virtually Games like Jackbox and Among Us can be played online and are excellent for fostering team camaraderie.Yoga, Pilates, and a variety of other routines may be performed electronically, making online fitness courses an entertaining and effective method to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Personalised Gift Baskets

You may demonstrate your thanks for your remote workers by sending them personalised gift baskets. This is an excellent method to show your appreciation. You are able to personalise them by including objects that correspond to the individuals' passions and pastimes, such as:

Coffee or tea baskets might include a variety of items, including as cups, coffee pods, tea bags, and other brewing utensils.Snack baskets may contain both wholesome and decadent munchies, such as chocolate, almonds, and granola bars.Gift baskets for self-care may contain things like candles, bath bombs, and essential oils, among other possible contents.

Digital Subscriptions

Gift cards for digital subscription services are a thoughtful and useful option for those who work remotely. They have the potential to offer both instructional and entertaining value, and some common choices include the following:

Audible is an excellent choice for readers looking for a subscription service that combines education and entertainment in a single package.This mindfulness and meditation programme, known as Headspace, can assist in lowering stress levels and improving mental health.Masterclass is an online learning platform that provides classes taught by professionals with extensive experience in a range of sectors, ranging from business to the arts.


Working remotely is here to stay, and companies have a responsibility to ensure that their staff have the necessary support and tools to be productive when working from home. Gifts from businesses may be an excellent way to express gratitude and raise morale in the workplace. There are a variety of gift alternatives available that can assist remote employees in remaining productive and engaged, ranging from ergonomic workplace equipment to digital subscriptions. When choosing corporate presents for your team, give some of these ideas some attention, and keep in mind that a gift that shows care and consideration may go a long way towards making your remote employees feel valued and appreciated.