How does Customized Logo Printing on Corporate Gifts enhance the Company’s Prestige?

It has become a common practice among companies to give customized corporate gifts to their clients, customers and employees. This act of giving strengthens the bond, builds trust and ultimately performs indirect promotional work for your business. Almost 59% of the customers who have received giveaway gifts from a business hold a favorable perspective about the brand as well. Moreover, three-forth of the receivers of corporate gifts could easily recall the brand name.

In fact, on average, 58% of people are likely to keep the promotional product for up to four years after receiving it. There are many reasons to implement the act of gift giving in your company if you have been postponing the trend since it will increase your company’s prestige in ways such as:

1. Create Brand Awareness

It does not matter if you are owner of a small startup or a large enterprise because showing your gratitude is important in all spheres of life. You should give customized gifts with company logo that will essentially promote your brand in the end. Journals, calendars, paper weights, water bottles etc. are all items that people tend to use regularly. As long as the item is used by the receiver, they will have your brand on mind.

In fact, anyone who comes across the gift will also be intrigued by your company and learn about the brand indirectly without a formal advertisement.

2. Stable Supplier Relationship

One of the ways that your company can excel is by enhancing relationship with the suppliers. By giving corporate gifts to your supplier, you can ensure that they deliver products or goods on time and don’t compromise on quality. Furthermore, this simple act of appreciation and gratitude for the supplied may also help you get discounts and promotional offers when you purchase items.

In simpler terms, your company is more likely to make a good and long lasting impression on the suppliers by offering customized gifts.

3. Boost Sales

Up to 20% of people who receive door gifts or promotional gifts from a company will later make a purchase from them. In comparison to advertisements, promotional gifts tend to make a stealthy and heartwarming impression on your potential customer’s mind. If you want to generate more revenue by converting consumers into leads, gift giving is one method you must integrate in your business plan.

You can strategize the giveaway gifts according to upcoming events, holiday seasons and other sales mark to increase sales. If you want to gain sales momentum, make the most out of gift season and bulk purchase corporate gifts.

4. Retaining Work Place Integrity

Your business flourishes as a result of the hard work your team puts in. Recognizing and rewarding the hard work of your employees can create an environment that gives back to people. This is an important gesture in a world where employees can rate your company and give an insight to potential employees who are looking for vacancy.

Generally, work places that have satisfied employees attract more talented and qualified people who would like to work for your business. Therefore, you need to establish an environment where you show your gratitude towards everyone who is working along with you.

5. Marketing Strategy

According to Bret Bonnet, CEO of Quality Logo Products, “Consumers have learned to ignore most forms of advertising.” He further expanded on his statement by saying that up to 85% of recall rate is dependent on promotional products and customized gifts. This means that you must make an active investment to give door gifts and giveaway gifts to people.

A study held by the Identity Workers states that 71% of attendees of a tradeshow remembered the company name that gave giveaway gifts. Therefore, one cannot overlook the act of giving gifts in corporate industry anymore. Eventually, you can also save up money from conventional marketing strategies that might not be working for your brand.

6. Emotional Bonding

One thing that many brands are focusing on now is strengthening their emotional bond with consumers, employees and clients. This is due to the fact that receiving something tangible instantly paves way to the heart and creates an approving view about the enterprise. If you want people to take your company more seriously and trust your products, you must use giveaway gifts to establish that sentiment.

You can easily make place for your brand in the heart of the recipients by giving gifts to everyone involved in the business.

7. Creating Value

The CEO of ServisHero, Karl Loo said something which can be a great way to begin the gift giving culture, “The best gifts are things that the recipients would never have bought for themselves.” This means that if you look for valuable items, high quality products and special gifts for your employees, clients and customers, you will create value.

The recipients will know that you think for them what they would normally ignore bombarded by the daily life and work. This is why you need to stay creative to give corporate gifts that will instantly place your company in good books of the recipients.

8. Overcome the Distance

As a business owner, you have clients all over the world but you must never neglect those residing overseas. In fact, a great way to bridge the distance is by sending heartfelt and valuable customized gifts to your international business partners. This will remind them that you value their relationship despite the geographical difference.


Your business relies on the bond you have with your clients and overcoming differences can be challenging. With corporate gifts, you can overcome these challenges that you face in your enterprise.

9. Customer Loyalty

It is important to attract new customers to trust your products and equally necessary to maintain the existing customers as well. When you are giving door gifts or giveaway gifts, keep in mind that you want to thank your customers for sticking by you. You must bulk purchase corporate gifts which will be useful to your customers.

This will prevent the leaking bucket phenomenon of diverging customers and keep your customer base maintained. One of the researches held at Knack gives away the fact that 33% of people feel they are connected to a brand when they receive giveaway gifts. This stresses on the importance of creating the atmosphere and habit of giving corporate gifts.

10. Future Prospects

One message that your company sends to your clients with corporate gifts is that you see them in your future. After the deal is done and sealed, sending a gift to your business partner with the company logo means that you value their partnership and would like to maintain the relationship in coming years. This can be useful for enterprises of all sizes.

Therefore, spending money on corporate gifts is the same as making business investments that secure your future and build your business foundation.

11. Marking Your Presence

And lastly, a major impact your company can make through corporate gifts is making its presence count in the life of your customers and clients. Luggage tags, coffee mugs, calendars, and journals etc. that have your company’s logo on them stay around the person most of the time.

If you purchase these items for your business partners and customers, you will stay on their mind. The presents will serve as a reminder of your services and products. This can turn your customers into returning customers and partners into long-term business relations. To your employees, it will serve as a reminder of your gratitude for the work they are putting in. Therefore, you cannot afford to undervalue the gift giving culture in your company anymore.

Gift Giving in the Corporate World

The corporate gift giving is worth $125 billion at the moment and anticipated to grow even larger by the end of 2021. This is because the gift giving is becoming business etiquette with an increasing pace. More and more employers are realizing that they need to sustain their B2B sales and generate leads from consumers as well. Both of these goals can be achieved by strengthening the bond with business partners and customers by giving the best corporate gifts.

Furthermore, many companies have the budget to spend up to $79 on employee holiday gifts as they state the value of their work in the company. This challenges the employee turnover and makes a work place that employees are willing to work at for a long time. 81% of recipients of promotional gifts have said that they feel appreciated by the company when they receive a present. This means that novelty gifts like key chains, table coasters, pen holder, luggage tags and other novelty gifts don’t go unnoticed. They leave an impact in the mind of your employers and customers.

Find the corporate gifts can be another hurdle in your way. However, Apex Gifts and Prints, a company located in Singapore has a large collection of valuable items you can give to employees, clients and customers too. There are different categories available to match the occasion and pick a suitable gift for the event. One unique gift can take your business a long way.