How Much Should a Wedding Guest Gift? The Ultimate Guide

Determining the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift can be a source of stress for many guests. If you're attending a wedding party and unsure whether to bring a physical gift or give a cash gift, just know you're not the only confused one!

In this guide, we'll explore the factors you should consider when deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift and what are the best things to give as a wedding gift.

Factors to Consider

Typically, everyone has a wedding budget that they refer to when deciding what wedding gift to get for the happy couple. There are no hard and fast rules and although tangible items might be a great idea, cash wedding gifts may be more practical at times.

a. Relationship with the Couple: Your relationship with the bride and groom plays a significant role in determining the how much you're willing to spend for their a wedding present. Close family members and friends may opt for more generous gifts compared to acquaintances or distant relatives.

Giving cash wedding gift at a wedding party

b. Location and Cost of Wedding: Consider the location and cost of the wedding when deciding on a gift amount that is perfectly acceptable. Weddings in urban areas or popular destinations may incur higher expenses for guests, influencing the budget for a wedding gift or how much cash you should gift.

c. Cultural and Regional Norms: Cultural and regional norms also influence wedding gift etiquette. In some cultures, lavish gifts are customary, but others may prioritize the idea of a sentimental gift, compared to its monetary value.

Average Wedding Gift Amount

a. National Averages: National averages can provide a general guideline for wedding gift amounts. Research suggests that the typical amount to spend on a wedding gift is anywhere from SGD 50 to SGD 200.

b. Regional Differences: Regional differences may affect average gift amounts. For example, weddings in metropolitan areas or affluent regions may prompt guests to give larger gifts compared to weddings in rural areas.

c. Urban vs. Rural Areas: Urban areas often have higher living costs, which may influence gift-giving behavior. Attending weddings in urban settings may make the typical guest to feel compelled to give more substantial gifts or more money to accommodate the higher expenses associated with city living.

Personal Financial Situation

The cost of wedding gifts can vary greatly and exactly how much money you should spend on a wedding gift should also vary based on these factors.

a. Budget Constraints: Your personal financial situation should guide your decision on the gift amount. It's essential to allocate an amount you're comfortable spending to avoid overspending on a wedding gift.

What should wedding guests give as a wedding gift?

b. Personal Relationship with the Couple: The relationship should also determine how much money you're willing to spend on the wedding gift. If you have a close friends with the bride and groom, you may feel inclined to give a more significant wedding gift amount.

Unique Circumstances

There are situations where you might need to change the total budget altogether. Not giving cash in these circumstances may be understood by the couple and you don't have to spend money on expensive gifts either.

a. Destination Weddings: If the couple is hosting a destination wedding, it would present unique challenges for guests, including travel expenses and accommodation costs. In such cases, guests may opt for smaller, more practical gifts or contribute to a group gift to offset the expenses.

b. Special Requests or Needs: Couples may express specific gift preferences or needs, such as contributions to a honeymoon fund or charitable donations. Guests should respect these requests and tailor their gifts accordingly.

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How much cash gift you're giving or looking to spend for a wedding gift may also vary based on these circumstances. Although it's nice to give in to other requests, you should also decide if you can afford it.

a. Wedding Registry vs. Cash Gifts: Wedding registries are sometimes provided by couples to guide guests in selecting gifts, while others prefer cash gifts or contributions to a specific fund. It's essential to adhere to the couple's preferences and choose a gift that reflects their wishes.

b. Group Gifting and Splitting Costs: Group gifting is a common practice among friends or family members attending the wedding together. Pooling resources with other guests allows everyone to contribute to a more significant gift while sharing the cost burden.

5 Personalized Gift Ideas

Don't know what to spend your money on? Personalized wedding gifts add a unique and heartfelt touch to the celebration, allowing couples to cherish their big day for years to come.

Here are five thoughtful ideas to inspire your gift-giving.

1. Customized Artwork

Commissioning a piece of customized artwork is a wonderful way to capture the essence of the couple's love story. Whether it's a hand-painted portrait, a digital illustration, or a custom-designed print, personalized artwork adds a touch of elegance and sentimentality to any home.

2. Engraved Keepsakes

Engraved keepsakes are timeless gifts that commemorate the couple's wedding day. From elegant photo frames and wine glasses to sentimental jewelry and keychains, engraving a special message or the couple's initials adds a personal touch that will be cherished for years to come.

3. Monogrammed Items

Monogrammed gifts are both stylish and practical, making them a popular choice for wedding presents. Consider gifting the couple monogrammed towels, robes, pillowcases, or kitchenware to add a personalized touch to their everyday lives.

4. Personalized Stationery

Help the newlyweds make a statement with personalized stationery sets or journals. From custom-designed wedding invitations and thank-you cards to monogrammed notebooks and planners, personalized stationery adds a touch of sophistication to their correspondence.

5. Custom Photo Albums or Books

Capture the couple's most precious memories in a beautifully crafted custom photo album or book. Whether it's a compilation of their engagement photos, wedding day snapshots, or honeymoon adventures, a personalized photo album or book allows the couple to relive their special moments time and time again.

DIY Wedding Gift Inspiration

DIY wedding gifts may be more meaningful than a cash wedding gift. They make wonderful unique items to give for a wedding or a bridal shower, especially if it's for a best friend.

Here are three heartfelt ideas to inspire your DIY gift-giving during the wedding season.

1. Personalized Shadow Box

Create a personalized shadow box filled with meaningful mementos that celebrate the couple's love story. Start with a shadow box frame and fill it with items such as ticket stubs from their first date, photographs from special moments, love letters, or other sentimental keepsakes.

Customize the shadow box with decorative elements like scrapbook paper, ribbon, or stickers, and include a heartfelt message or quote to complete the gift.

2. Customized Recipe Book

Compile a customized recipe book filled with family recipes and culinary traditions passed down through generations. Gather recipes from both sides of the couple's families, including favorites from grandparents, parents, and other relatives.

Organize the recipes into categories such as appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages, and add personal touches like photos, handwritten notes, or anecdotes about the origin of each recipe. Create a beautiful cover for the recipe book and bind it together with ribbon or twine for a thoughtful and practical gift that celebrates the couple's love of food and family.

3. Hand-painted Serving Tray

Transform a plain wooden serving tray into a personalized work of art with hand-painted designs. Start by sanding and priming the surface of the tray to create a smooth base for painting. Then, use acrylic paints to create a custom design or pattern that reflects the couple's personality or interests.

You could paint their initials, wedding date, a favorite quote, or a motif that holds special meaning for them. Once the paint is dry, seal the design with a coat of clear varnish to protect it and give the tray a glossy finish.

This unique and practical gift will add a touch of handmade charm to the couple's home and serve as a reminder of their special day.

3 Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the love and commitment of a newly engaged couple. You can also gift these items at a bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Here are three thoughtful and meaningful ideas to inspire your gift-giving, ahead of the big day.

1. Personalized Keepsake Box

Give the couple a personalized keepsake box to store mementos and memories from their engagement. Choose a beautifully crafted wooden box and have it engraved with the couple's names, engagement date, or a special message.

Fill the box with items such as photographs, love letters, ticket stubs, or other keepsakes from their relationship. This sentimental gift will provide a cherished place for the couple to store and revisit their engagement memories for years to come.

2. Customized Wine or Champagne Set

Celebrate the couple's engagement with a customized wine or champagne set. Choose a bottle of their favorite wine or champagne and have it personalized with the couple's names, engagement date, or a heartfelt message.

Pair the bottle with elegant wine glasses or champagne flutes engraved with their initials or a special design. This elegant and celebratory gift will allow the couple to toast to their love and future together in style.

3. Experience Gift

Give the couple the gift of a memorable experience to enjoy together. Consider options such as a romantic weekend getaway, a couples' spa day, a cooking class, or tickets to a show or event they've been wanting to attend.

Choose an experience that aligns with their interests and preferences, whether it's adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration. This thoughtful gift will provide the couple with an opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen their bond as they embark on their journey towards marriage.

3 Sentimental Gift Ideas For A Wedding

These sentimental wedding gifts are sure to touch the hearts of the newlyweds and serve as cherished keepsakes of their special day. Here are three heartfelt and meaningful ideas to inspire your gift-giving.

1. Customized Photo Album

Compile a collection of cherished memories by creating a personalized photo album filled with pictures of the couple's journey together. Include snapshots from their engagement, wedding planning, and other special moments, along with heartfelt captions and messages.

2. Customized Artwork

Commission a piece of custom artwork that commemorates the couple's love story or celebrates their relationship. This could be a painting, illustration, or collage that incorporates meaningful symbols, dates, or locations significant to their journey as a couple.

3. Heirloom Jewelry

Gift the couple with a piece of heirloom jewelry that has sentimental value, such as a family heirloom or vintage accessory. This could be a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that has been passed down through generations, symbolizing the continuity of love and tradition.

Virtual Wedding Gift Options

In light of the increasing trend of virtual weddings and celebrations, explore virtual gift options that guests can send to the couple online. Include digital gift cards, subscription services, or virtual experiences that can be enjoyed from anywhere.

Similarly, the cost of a virtual wedding gift should depend on how much you can afford.


In conclusion, determining how much to spend on a wedding gift depends on various factors, including your relationship with the couple, how much money you can afford to spend, and cultural norms.

By following these guidelines and prioritizing thoughtfulness over extravagance, you can ensure that your wedding gift is a meaningful token of your love and support for the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money should a wedding guest gift?

The amount a wedding guest should give as a wedding gift can vary depending on factors like their relationship with the couple, their personal budget, and cultural norms. On average, in Singapore, guests often give between SGD 100 to SGD 300 per person. However, there is no set rule, and the wedding gift amount can vary based on individual circumstances.

Is SGD 500 a good amount for a wedding gift?

SGD 500 can be considered a generous amount for a wedding gift, especially if you have a close relationship with the couple or if it aligns with your financial means. Ultimately, the appropriateness of the amount depends on factors such as your relationship with the couple and your budget.

Is SGD 150 too much for a wedding gift?

SGD 150 is not necessarily too much for a wedding gift, particularly if it reflects your relationship with the couple and your financial circumstances. In Singapore, this amount falls within the typical range of wedding gift amounts and can be considered a thoughtful and meaningful contribution to the couple's celebration.