How to Pick Influential Corporate Gifts

The purpose of sending gifts to your clients and business partners is to leave an impact with something that says, ‘I care for you.’ Giving gifts is a gentle gesture acknowledged all across the world as something memorable and it is no different in the corporate world. One of the contributors at the Forbes, Ian Altman concludes the discussion with his words, “It’s always a good idea to show your clients your gratitude.”

However, one might wonder, what is an influential corporate gift? There are various ways to judge whether or not a gift will be valuable to the business partner or not.

Here are some ways to ensure that you are picking influential corporate gifts:

  • Calculate the Value

One of the first steps towards finding the ideal giveaway gifts is to calculate the value in relation to your purpose. For instance, if your customized gifts such as t-shirts, pens or calendars will be of similar impact as customized gifts which are luxurious in nature. Customized wine glasses, leather bound journals or gourmet baskets are seen as high-end presents which are exchanged with your valuable partners when you want to make an impression.

You can bulk purchase corporate gifts for door gifts, promotional events and company giveaways however, for your business partners, you should opt for items that lean towards the expensive side.

  • The Function of Gift

Your next step is to set the estimated function of the gift that you are sending out. For instance, you might have noticed the desk accessories from sponsors in a doctor’s office which is not only close to the physician but in your eyeshot as well. The same criteria works for real estate business partners, cosmetic business partners and more. Think of the range that your gift can reach and how many people it will target on a regular basis thus spreading the word about your business without any active advertising.

This will help you decide and narrow down if you want mugs, table coasters, journals, canvas bags or other items as customized gifts for your clients or customers.

  • Adding the Message

What is the value of your business? Are you passionate about climate change or cultural diversity? What is the value closest to your business? These questions will help you come across tiny little messages that you can add to the customized gifts and boost their value to your business partners. A lot of people are drawn towards a business when they think that it stands for the same values as them.

This is why you can make a smarter choice of purchasing influential corporate gifts by paying attention to the note you will be adding.

  • Make It About Them

It is always best to maintain a professional relationship with your clients but you can always use small conversations as ice breakers. When you are purchasing corporate gifts, you can easily use it as an opportunity to warm up with them a little. Moreover, if you focus on what type of customized gifts they would like, you are more likely to send something they will actually use and will remember you whenever they do.

So, let’s suppose, you are sending a food hamper to your clients. You can ask them questions like, ‘Hey, I want to send you a token of my appreciation so can you tell me if you have any allergies?’ You can practice the same exercise when you want to purchase t-shirts with different colors and so on.

  • Who is the Receiver?

If you are new to the corporate, you might find yourself in a rut when you want to purchase the influential corporate gifts. However, an easy pointer is to understand the receiver and what is your relationship with them. Keep in mind if you want to work with them in the future or not. This will further help you set a budget for the customized gifts.

If your receiver is someone you are friendlier with, it will be easier to navigate through plethora of options before you. Whereas, when you want to send a corporate gift to a new business partner, you may want to splurge a little on luxury items.

  • What is the Event?

A simple way to settle for influential corporate gifts is to think of the event. For Christmas, birthdays or special occasions, you only have to target a few clients that are the most special in your business relationship. On the other hand, on business events and corporate parties, you might have to bulk purchase corporate gifts to make for door gifts and goodies.


These distinctions are nice indicators for picking event-appropriate presents for everyone in a way that promotes your business sales and relationships.

  • Useful Things Matter

If you are doubtful about the things you want to purchase, stick to something useful. For instance, tea selections, coffee samplers, food baskets are your easy options for corporate gifts. These are some things that will come in handy for your client at some point or another. On the other hand, you can also look for customized cufflinks, ties or other accessories that are suitable for the formal attire.

Useful gifts make up for influential items because they tend to remain close to your business partners and they end up using them often. Meanwhile, you can easily find them and get customized gifts when you find yourself overwhelmed with the options.


  • No Compromise on Quality

The one thing that will make even the smallest of things powerful is quality. If you bulk purchase corporate gifts or buy customized gifts, you have to ensure that you are not relying on cheap things. You may save money but your image depends on the quality of things that you are giving to people. Think of it as an advertisement trick because many people will judge the quality of your services by what you share with them.

This is why you need to ensure that the quality of products is fine and high-end even if your budget is limited. Settle for a small item that has high-end value.

  • Timing Is Important

Another thing to consider when you want to give corporate gifts is the timing. Your business partner might not find the present very pleasant if you send it at the wrong time. Wait until the deal has been sealed and finalized to send the present to your business partners. It will strengthen the bond of your relationship and show the partner that you are grateful.

Furthermore, by this time, you will also be able to come up with ideas to send corporate gifts that match the nature of the bond.

  • Add the Personal Touch

And lastly, there are many ways to make your corporate gifts stand out but nothing beats the importance of adding the personal touch. Add small notes which will bring an instant smile to your clients and leave a long lasting impact. You can add handwritten notes for your business partners. Whereas, you can get bulk printed notes for employees if you have a large team with messages like, ‘Keep up the good work!’, ‘I am proud of you!’ and similar things with your personal signature.

These are simple ways to spike up any gift that you are handing out and remind the employees, customers and clients that you care for them.

As Maya Angelou’s words go:

“People will forget what you said, people will forge what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The value of corporate gifts is really defined by you and if you naturally feel inclined to please someone, it is not a hard decision to make. There are many places where you can get corporate logo printing done for novelty items which include canvas bags, pens, t-shirts, electronics and other knick knacks. As long as you are satisfied with the quality, you can rest assured that your employees or customers will be happy with the door gifts.

The value of promotional merchandise is growing with time rather than dispersing. If not increased, the importance of corporate gifts over the past ten years has at least kept its value among businesses. Small and large enterprises equally find them to be useful and invest in the corporate gifts.

When you are looking for giveaway gifts, corporate presents and door gifts, instead of sweating out on what to buy, focus on why you need them. These kinds of conceptual questions will help you come up with ideas which you can later customize. As far as value is concerned, many of the businesses try to send personalized items such as hand-painted pots of succulents and written notes along other stuff.

The idea behind this practice is to convey the message of kindness and gratitude. In conclusion, while you will be making your clients happy, your business is bound to derive profit and long-lasting business relations. This is why you cannot underestimate the value of an appealing, useful and high-end corporate gift.