Starting A Corporate Gift Programme For Business Engagement


Corporate gift programmes have the ability to bring the internal and external aspects of running a business to the next level. When carefully thought out and executed, it could lead to better and more meaningful engagement with leads, employees, and clients, resulting in higher retention of customers, faster-closed deals, and repeated business partnerships, thus avoiding unnecessary mistakes

What is a corporate gift programme?

A corporate gift programme is a specially curated marketing strategy that integrates the delivery of meaningful corporate gifts to staff, leads, and customers. When giving to either group of people, different strategies may be employed, but the key factors of a corporate gift programme are equal no matter what:

  • Targeted audience (Who are you giving the corporate gifts to?)
  • Key purpose (Why are you giving them corporate gifts?)
  • Schedule
  • Meaningful and purposeful gifts

By breaking down the planning of your corporate gift programme into these key factors, you get a better picture of how to go about it successfully.


Building a corporate gift programme

  1. Selecting your targeted audience

 To ensure the success of your corporate gift programme, you first need to identify your targeted audience and what you hope to achieve. This will give you a clearer picture of what gifts you will be getting. There is no one-size-fits-all gift solution. Gifting your employees as a way of showing appreciation versus intending to gift your leads as a way to show goodwill and to close deals are two different scenarios. The different scenarios call for different gifts.


  1. Selecting the proper timing

After you have identified your targeted recipient and know what you want to achieve, choosing the proper timing to have your gift delivered is the next key factor to note.

For example, gifting your employees as a way to show appreciation is a great way to boost morale. You can either gift them all at once at the end of the year, or you can gift them multiple small gifts per quarter. That way, you can ensure your employee’s morale is high all year round.

However, if you were to use the same quarter gifting strategy with your clients, it might be too much. Then sending one unique and more luxurious corporate gift at the end of the financial year would make more sense.


  1. Gift selection

Now that you have settled all the nitty-gritty, here comes the fun part. Selecting the right gifts is where the two previous steps come into play. Fortunately, at Apex Gifts and Prints, we sell customisable gifts in bulk of up to 4000 per purchase. This immediately helps to narrow your purchase search to just budget, category of gifts, and quantity of purchase. 

If your corporate gift programme intends to be spread across a couple of rounds of gifting, you will likely need more than one item of gift.


  1. Delivery plan 

This is the last step of your corporate gift programme planning. There are two ways to go about this step.

The first way involves the delivery of your gifts to a single address and you giving them out personally from that location. This is ideal for businesses with a physical office, with enough storage space to hold the gifts, and do often come into contact with the people they are gifting the gifts.

The next option is to utilise our warehousing and delivery services. The good thing about purchasing from Apex Gifts and Prints is that we are a one-stop corporate gift supplier that provides everything you need for a successful corporate gift programme. Using our warehousing and delivery services, you can purchase your customised gifts all at once, and we will store them in our warehouse till you have them delivered.

All you need to do then is just to add the address of the various recipients, and we will deliver the gifts. This is highly recommended for companies with remote teams or with the intent to reach their audiences across multiple locations. We ship anywhere in Singapore and globally.


Meaningful corporate gift ideas

For staff: Customised apparels such as hats, shirts, and hoodies are ideal gifts to foster ownership and company pride.

For customers: Ideal to retain loyal customers, we recommend useful gifts that they would want to use, such as customised tech and lifestyle products like power banks, bags, and Bluetooth speakers.

For leads: Depending on the size of the business deal, your gift could vary. Sometimes a subtle option such as a premium European style wine glass set would work. Other times, it would be better to spend a little more and go with an essential oil diffuser/humidifier.


Final thoughts

Corporate gift programmes are a vital part of doing business. Now that you are aware of what makes a successful corporate gift programme, you might want to consider implementing it in your business structure.

If you are interested in starting one for your business, we are happy to assist you by discussing the various services and options we provide. Check out to find out more.