Why You Should Get Wholesale Corporate Gifts

When you are running a company, you have to deal with corporate clients on daily basis. While no doubt, you are providing those clients with 100% satisfactory services, it is always recommended to go that extra mile to keep in your client’s good graces. You should always be ready to cater to your client’s or business associate’s demands to keep getting those business contracts which strengthen your company’s financial status.

Corporate gifts are an easy way to woo your clients and business partners. That is why many established brands make a deal with reliable wholesale  providers to get high end and quality corporate gifts on regular basis. You can choose from variety of giveaway gifts to gift your prized clients and maintain their loyalty. It is better to get wholesale corporate gifts as they are more cost effective than individually investing on each of the gift.

One basic pointer on corporate gift buying is to remain in the allocated budget, don’t overdo it. You can save a lot with bulk purchase of corporate gifts and your supplier will always try to give you best quality products as you will be among his top listed buyers.

Opting for wholesale has many advantages, primarily it reduces production costs. It allows your business some flexibility which gives you an upper hand against competitive businesses. You got to save production cost wherever possible to offer lower prices to your customers as opposed to your competitions. Buying wholesale promotional products provide cost effective brand awareness and is an excellent marketing strategy.

Save Money:

One of the main reasons to go for wholesale corporate gifts is the amount of money you can save. Wholesale products are generally cheaper than the retail value of the said products. The items available for wholesale are generally returned or overstock items which were not sold for any particular reason, so it’s best to check their quality. Quality is one of the essential of corporate gifting on which you just can not compromise as it can probably tarnish your company’s image.

However, in many cases you can probably save thousands of dollars when buying corporate gifts in wholesale. Promotional products are cost effective alternative to expensive mass media advertisements. Buying at wholesale price allows you to cut expenses in marketing department.

While buying at wholesale, you may be saving a lot of expenses but it can backfire too. Choose such gifts which the recipient would appreciate and use in daily life. Buying personalized gifts and gifting them to clients as a “Thank You” would make more inclined to do business with you again and they are most likely to refer your services to their friends and family. Thus, increasing your clientele.

Variety of Gifts Available:

Buying wholesale corporate gifts also provides you with wide array of choices. Some events demand that you to handout not so unique gifts and you would buy gifts that are alike. For example, if the event is catering to your seldom clients, in that case buying corporate gifts in bulk from wholesale would be very economical for you while also projecting a positive image of your company.

However, on some occasions you are rubbing shoulders with exclusive clients and C-suite executives. Such occasion calls for personalized, thoughtful and impactful corporate gifts which show your appreciation. In other words that occasion calls for diversity. Some sellers in Singapore offer variety of giveaway gifts at wholesale price, each set suitable for alike personalities.

Wholesale Suppliers Provide Better Customer Service:

Wholesale suppliers get their products directly from the manufacturers without any third-party intervention. This means that they are fully aware of the products they are selling and have direct line of communication with the manufacturer. Because of this connectivity, you can be sure to get answers to all of your questions and problems in a professional manner after you had made a purchase.

Provision of Better Incentives:

If your business with your wholesale supplier is productive then you can be rest assured to receive countless discounts and incentives to keep both the businesses grow mutually. With the increase of your order quantity and frequency, your wholesale supplier may even let go of the shipping and packaging charges. This in turn develop the appreciation for each other business and you get to save money from unwanted additional charges. Wholesale suppliers are indirect contact with the manufacturers, so if you want to impress your clients with some innovative or uniquely customized corporate gift, your wholesale supplier can connect you directly to the manufacturer and you can get the product that you want.

Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated:

Your employees are the building block of your company and they need to be felt acknowledged. Yes, you are paying their salary but it doesn’t hurt now and then to make them feel appreciated and corporate gifting is just the way to do it.

Corporate gifts don’t need to be something grand; they should be something simple yet elegant, inexpensive but impactful. Decorations like lamps, flowers, wall hangings etc. make excellent corporate gifts for your employees. And these items are not that expensive, on the contrary they are available online in Singapore at trusted retailers like Apex Gifts and Prints at wholesale prices when bought in bulk.

In addition to decorations kitchen ware are popular corporate gifts available at wholesale rates to give to your employees. You can take step further and embed your gift with your company’s color, logo or slogan. Use your imagination and go for a motivational quote. All these features can be added to your gifts at discounted rates when you bulk purchase corporate gifts. Kitchen ware like mugs, food processor and coffee maker are used daily in about every household. And that’s why they would make excellent corporate gifts for your employees to remember you as terrific employer.

Things To Remember While Getting Corporate Gifts at Wholesale Rates:

Wholesale gifts and products are cheaper than buying from other retail stores but you should always consider some factors while opting to buy your corporate gifts at wholesale. After finalizing the gifts, you want, do thorough research. After researching on all the different variants and models of the gifts available in market and go to financial side, research it’s market value and evaluate the resale price. All of this research can be easily conducted through internet.

Before signing any deal, it is recommended to do background check on the wholesale supplier. You would get to know whether they deliver the product of same quality as they claim and through enough investigation you can know about their legitimacy, and reliability of their customer service. It is better to meet the supplier face to face instead of engaging with them through e-mail or telephone.

Many wholesalers give incentives to lean in new clients. Take advantage of those offers which may be discount for a limited period or perhaps gift vouchers if you buy certain quantity.

Don’t settle on the price dictated by the seller. There is always room for negotiation, some suppliers offer free shipping which can save you a substantial amount of money when you are corporate gift buying.

  • Don’t Compromise On Quality:

Corporate gift giving is a popular business practice to say “Thank you” to your loyal clients and to affirm a healthy business partnership to your new vendors. That is why it is necessary to emphasize on quality. A well thought out gift is surely to be remembered by the recipient who will surely appreciate this genuine gesture of goodwill. This not only increases the chances of client using your company’s product or services but also helps in bringing in more customers.

While wholesale corporate gifts are no doubt economical but some vendors don’t focus on quality which is a big “NO NO” when giving corporate gifts to board executives or high-end clientele. Always verify the quality of the gifts you purchase in bulk to fully benefit from corporate gifting experience. Go for trusted and recommended vendors who prioritize quality over quantity.  

  • Try To Adapt Gifts According To Recipient’s Personality:

When buying from wholesale retailers, your gifts all tend to be same. No doubt, the gift would be impactful and memorable for some of the recipients but some may find it bland. It’s always better to know your recipients, what they like and dislike, their cultural boundaries and if you happen to know positive experiences of some of them then all the better. Buy corporate gifts in bulks for different groups. If some people on the receiving end are office workers get them something which would be useful in daily office routine like laptop bag, leather covered notebooks, innovative stationary items or headphones with your company’s logo subtly imprinted on their covers.

In conclusion, buying gifts at wholesale saves a significant amount of money while also achieving the sender company’s goal. Wholesale promotional gifts are great way to aware public of your new products or services at really affordable rates. If done right this practice makes your client more loyal, your employees more motivated and makes your business more profitable.