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A7 student stationery notebook

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Body paper weight: 80
Text material: Daolin paper
Cover color: A7 brown, A7 grey, A7 black, A7 pink, A7 red, A7 khaki, A7 light blue, A7 dark blue, A7 denim blue, A7 dark green, 60K black, 60K red, 60K grey, 60K brown, 60K pink, 60K dark green, 60K khaki, 60K light blue, 60K denim blue, 60K dark blue, A5 black. color, A5 red. color, A5 grey. color, A5 brown. color, A5 pink. color, A5 black. green, A5 khaki - 200 pages, A5 denim blue - 200 Page, A5 deep Blue, A6 pink, A6 black, A6 red, A6 gray, A6 khaki, A6 denim blue, A6 dark blue, A6 light blue - 200 pages, A6 dark green, A6 brown, A5 brown, A5 gray, A5 black, A5 pink, A5 khaki, A5 light blue, A5 dark blue, A5 denim blue, A5 dark green, A5 red, red binder, pink binder, black binder, gray binder, dark green binder, denim blue binder, light blue binder, brown binder
Binding: wireless adhesive binding
Cover material: imitation leather