5 Occasions You Can Show Your Employees Your Appreciation

Gift giving is the most efficient way to foster and strengthen relationships with people, and it is the same in business. While it is normal to give gifts to your employees on special occasions, you do not need a special reason to show your appreciation to them on normal days. In fact, we should use every opportunity to appreciate and celebrate them. Corporate gifts are ideal for every business

Each point that is mentioned in this article provides an opportunity for various shareholders and employers to connect with their employees. Giving gifts should not be just another thing to tick off the corporate agenda. However, if it is still part of the corporate agenda your company has for this year, and if you wish to foster and strengthen loyalty and solid relationship with your employees, then here are 5 occasions you can use to show them your appreciation.


Company anniversary

Company anniversary is the best and most natural occasion to celebrate the work your employees have put in thus far. It not only celebrates a new work year, but it also is a day to look back at how far the company has come.

A well-planned corporate gift will be welcomed and appreciated by many as you can also pinpoint particular accomplishments or milestones that your employees have gone through. Personalising your corporate gifts and appreciations helps to assure your employees that they are not just people who report to work day in day out, but noticed individuals with unique strengths.


Holiday periods

In a multi-racial and ethnic rich society like Singapore, we are blessed to be able to enjoy and celebrate many different holidays. Companies can use these holiday periods as an opportunity not only to take a breather but also to celebrate the festivity.

 Many corporations would use these festive seasons to organise bonding events. You could go the extra mile and purchase corporate gifts in bulk to celebrate the diversity. Better still, you could get a few different varieties of items to throw in a lucky draw to give your employee a fun opportunity to receive the gifts.


Corporate conferences

It is a common occurrence among large global corporations to organise corporate conferences. Or, if conferences are not something that your company often does, then team meetings might be an alternative. From conference gift bags to team meeting celebratory gifts, small gifts attached with a simple thank you note goes a long way in fostering a better relationship. It creates a sense of welcoming and positive work culture.


Welcoming new employees

It is the only day where the company makes a good impression on their first day of work. Not only does giving a small welcome gift set the right tone that the company celebrates their first day, but it also gives the new employees a sense of relief.

Everybody appreciates a welcome gift. Rather than solely focusing on the nitty-gritty administrative matters, a welcome gift that is properly thought through and is well associated with the company and the employee’s role assures the new employee of the company’s culture. The employees will start their work journey in your company on a positive note and feel appreciated.


Personal celebration

This is not just about work achievements. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, birth of a child, and many more. A company can just be a plain old workplace where people come and go, or it could be much more than that – an extended family where bosses look out for their employees, employees caring for one another.

Companies that make an effort to foster such an environment will attract employees who will do the same. This creates an environment that does not focus solely on profits and numbers but also the people and the relationships.



Corporate gifts are not just for special occasions but can also be a meaningful way to show your employees how much the company appreciates and values them. No company would want a valuable employee to feel like they are not appreciated, creating opportunities for them to start looking for companies who will value them for their skills and as a person.

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