Level-Up Corporate Gifting: What Makes A Gift Idea Unique?

Level-Up Corporate Gifting: What Makes A Gift Idea Unique?

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to connect more with your employees, customers, and prospective clients. It's for this reason that many companies give out corporate gifts from time to time. Indeed, corporate gifting has become an essential tradition in the corporate world.

Whether you're celebrating a vital business milestone or simply in the mood to appreciate your employees or customers, you can never go wrong with corporate gifting! However, since gift-giving is now so common in the corporate scene, you might need to level up your gifts to make them memorable and valuable for your recipients. To help you, here are the most effective ways to make your corporate gifts as unique as possible:


1. Meaningful

Some people give gifts just for the sake of it. They don't even put much thought into the items they give because they only want to perform the act of gift-giving. This is a common scenario in a lot of companies. They send out corporate gifts or do giveaways without even thinking about the meaning behind their presents.

However, if you want your employees or customers to remember what you give them, you need to make your gifts more thoughtful and meaningful. A meaningful gift is something your recipient will cherish for a long time. It may be because they've wanted this item for a long time or because it comes with a special message of appreciation and gratitude.

When giving gifts to employees, it's highly recommended to choose those items that can help them develop at work or make them more excited about their jobs, such as apparel, stationery, and electronics. On the other hand, functional, handy, and trendy items like bags and tumblers are brilliant options for your clientele.



2. Customised

Customisation is one of the best ways to make unique corporate gifts. Customisation is the act of modifying an item to make it more special or personalised. When it comes to corporate gifts, one of the best and most popular customisation methods is printing. You can hire many reliable gift printing services for this purpose, including Apex Gifts and Prints.

Whether it's a creative artwork design, a thoughtful short message, or your simple brand logo, having something printed on your corporate gifts is a sure way to make them more remarkable and valuable. Some ideal gift items that are easy to customise include T-shirts, caps, bags, lanyards, notebooks, mugs, water bottles, keychains, and many more.



Among the most prominent parts of corporate gifting is defining your gifts' goals. This goal can help boost your business's engagement, increase brand awareness, enhance employee or customer satisfaction, or serve a different purpose. In other words, you need to make your corporate gifts actionable.

As mentioned earlier, many companies don't even think much about why they're sending out gifts. This tends to make their corporate gifts bland and easily forgettable. To make your corporate gifts actionable and more memorable, you need to develop a gifting strategy that enables your recipients to interact with you and take action, such as redeeming codes on your website, sharing links to your social media pages, and the like.



It's easy to send out presents to your employees and customers, but it's hard to come up with gifts they'll truly cherish and remember for a long time. Making the gifts as unique as possible is key to guaranteeing that your corporate gifts don't become yet another pile of random items stored at home and dumped after a few months. You can do this by ensuring that your corporate gifts are meaningful, customised, and actionable.

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