8 Corporate Gift Ideas Your Gen Z Employees Will Stan

8 Corporate Gift Ideas Your Gen Z Employees Will Stan

Is your workforce made up of mostly Gen Z talents? These young professionals come highly valued by employers and are widely regarded as creative, tech-savvy, fun-loving, and ridiculously hard to find gifts for! If you’re pondering on the perfect company-wide souvenirs to relay to this fresh-faced generation to show them your appreciation, we’ve curated a definitive Gen-Z gift guide for you to browse over.


1. An Earpiece 

Earpieces are an excellent, no-fail gift for all the young ones. These trusty accessories tune out all noise so your Gen Z’ers can take calls or listen to music while commuting or surrounded by excitable coworkers. Earpieces aside, Bluetooth speakers are also a requisite for this get-up-and-go generation and are exciting gifts for them to take home and thump to the beat. 


2. Selfie stick 

Gen Zs love their technology and are rarely seen without smartphones or gadgets in hand. This results in exciting photo opportunities just about everywhere! The selfie stick is a handy tool for all Zoomers, allowing them to take great selfies and we-fies without being impeded by the limits of the human arm.


3. Humidifier 

Win your Gen Z colleague over with a nod to self-care. Humidifiers promote mindfulness and relieve stress through filtered moisture and proprietary technology. They function as essential oil diffusers, too, making their office smell fantastic! They are desktop-friendly and USB cable-powered, so they can mist while hard at work.  


4. Musical box

Hands down, you will not go wrong with a musical box. This classic comfort object is unique and fun but also nostalgic. It can be practical, too, providing a holder for USBs, jewellery, or other trinkets that your coworker keeps in the workplace. 


Mugs And Coasters

5. Mugs and coasters

Between sojourns to the office pantry for a hot mug of coffee or the downstairs cafe for their nth order of iced caramel macchiato, it seems there’s never enough coffee to get a Zoomer through the day! Give way to this coffee-obsessed generation by giving them mugs and coasters to facilitate their much-needed caffeine boost. 


6. Wireless gadgets

There are many surefire ways to delight Zoomers, the digital natives— wireless mice, wireless presenters, power banks, travel adapters, travel chargers, you name it. These are essentials for everyone in the IoT age, but we all know Gen Zs take their affection for technology to the next level. They will thank you for gifting them these highly compatible, on-the-go tech accessories. 


7. Custom soft toys

No one can be too old for stuffed toys, especially adorable and comfy ones! Gen Zs, in particular, are not too far out of their springtime years to appreciate a custom soft toy to decorate their desks or take home and cherish for a long time. 


8. Promotional bag 

And finally, for something to keep it all together, why not opt for a promotional bag, which can come in a tote bag, drawstring bag, fanny pack, or cross-body sling bag? Many people prefer to have their hands free, so a bag will undoubtedly be helpful as well as fashionable. 



Personalising gifts may take a bit of effort, but it will be worth it. Understanding your target receivers and tailoring your gifts to them will add an element of genuineness and memorability.

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