Do People Still Give Wedding Favors? All You Need To Know

Weddings are about the cherished traditions that make it unique. One such tradition is the exchange of wedding favors, small tokens of appreciation given to make guests feel welcomed on your wedding day.

But in today's modern world, with changing attitudes and trends, the tradition of giving wedding door gifts might be in question.

What are Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are small presents presented to guests as a gesture of appreciation for attending the wedding. They are also known as "wedding door gifts".

These tokens serve as mementos and often reflects the couple's personality or wedding colors.

Significance of Wedding Party Favors

Wedding door gifts hold symbolic significance, representing the couple's gratitude for the love and support of their guests. They are a tangible expression of appreciation and a way to commemorate the joyous occasion.

The significance of wedding favors for your wedding planning

A Customary Practice

In many cultures, giving wedding favors is a customary practice deeply rooted in tradition. It is considered a polite gesture of hospitality and a way to honor guests for their role in the wedding festivities.

Historical Context of Wedding Favors

Origins of Wedding Party Favors

The tradition of giving a wedding door gift dates back centuries, with roots in various cultures around the world. In ancient times, these favors were often symbolic items believed to bestow blessings and good fortune upon the recipients.

5 Traditional Wedding Favor For Your Wedding Guests in Singapore

  1. Peranakan-Inspired Gifts: Pay homage to Singapore's Peranakan culture with wedding party favors inspired by its vibrant heritage. Consider Peranakan-inspired gifts such as intricately patterned coasters, batik fabric pouches, or beaded keychains featuring traditional motifs and colors.

  2. Nyonya Kueh Sampler Box: Treat your guests to a taste of Singapore's culinary heritage with a Nyonya kueh sampler box. Fill the box with an assortment of colorful and flavorful Nyonya kueh (traditional Peranakan desserts) such as kueh salat, ondeh ondeh, and kueh lapis.

  3. Orchid-Inspired Keepsakes: Celebrate Singapore's national flower, the orchid, with orchid-inspired keepsakes as a wedding favor. Choose elegant and fragrant orchid-scented candles, orchid-shaped trinket dishes, or orchid-printed silk fans for a touch of tropical elegance.

    Inspiring flowers for your wedding favors
  4. Bak Kwa (Barbecued Meat) Gift Packs: Share the savory flavors of Singaporean cuisine with bak kwa packs as edible wedding favors. Bak kwa, or barbecued meat, is a beloved local delicacy often enjoyed during festive celebrations. Your guests will appreciate this delicious and quintessentially Singaporean treat.

  5. Lace Handkerchiefs: Lace handkerchiefs are a traditional and sentimental wedding favor that guests can use during the ceremony or keep as a keepsake. Choose delicate lace handkerchiefs in white or ivory, and embroider them with your initials or a heartfelt message.

Modern Trends in Wedding Favors

Current Practices and Trends

In today's modern weddings, the tradition of giving favors continues to thrive, albeit with some variations. Couples are embracing creative and personalized approaches to favor-giving, reflecting their individual style and preferences.

5 Best Wedding Favor To Inspire Your Modern Wedding

  1. Customized Phone Chargers: Keep your guests connected and charged up with customized phone chargers as modern wedding door gifts. Personalize them with your wedding logo or initials for something guests can cherish long after the celebration.

  2. Mini Succulent Plants: Embrace the greenery trend with mini succulent plants as modern wedding door gifts. Opt for small succulents in contemporary geometric pots or glass terrariums for a modern and stylish look.

  3. Gourmet Coffee or Tea Kits: Gift your guests a sweet treat by gifting an edible favor such as a gourmet coffee or tea experience. Curate personalized kits featuring artisanal coffee beans or loose-leaf teas, along with stylish mugs or infusers.

  4. Customized Cocktail Kits: Elevate the bar experience with customized cocktail kits as modern wedding door gifts. Create DIY cocktail kits featuring mini bottles of premium spirits, artisanal mixers, and accessories such as shot glasses and bottle openers.

  5. Virtual Photo Booth Experiences: Capture memories and create fun moments of your event with a virtual photo booth. Set up a virtual photo booth with a custom backdrop and digital props, allowing guests to take and share photos instantly using their smartphones.

Pros and Cons of Giving Wedding Door Gifts

Are wedding favors still a big part of a couple's wedding planning? Here we look into why a bride and groom should or should not give out door gifts for their big day.

Benefits of Giving Favors

Wedding favors enhance the guest experience and provide a tangible token of appreciation for attendees. They also contribute to the overall ambiance of the wedding and serve as lasting reminders of the big day.

Challenges and Considerations

However, giving wedding door gifts can also present challenges for many couples, such as budgetary constraints and logistical issues. Couples may need to carefully weigh the costs and benefits before committing to this tradition.

Creative Ideas for Wedding Favors

5 Budget-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Looking for something cheap but still meaningful? You don't always need to spend a huge amount of money on your wedding door gifts!

Here are five affordable wedding door gifts to consider:

  1. Homemade Treats: Create personalized and budget-friendly wedding door gifts by making edible favors such as cookies, chocolates, or candies. Package them in cute bags or boxes with a personalized label or tag to add a personal touch. Invitees will appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort put into these delicious treats.

  2. Seed Packets: Give the gift of growth with seed packets as wedding door gifts. Choose flower, herb, or vegetable seeds that reflect your wedding theme or season. Package the seeds in simple envelopes or small containers with planting instructions and a personalized note thanking guests for sharing in your special day. It's a sustainable and budget-friendly favor that everyone can enjoy long after the wedding.

  3. DIY Succulent Plants: Cute succulent plants are not only trendy but also affordable and easy to care for. Purchase small succulent plants in bulk and repot them into decorative containers such as mini pots, mini jars, or teacups. Add a personalized tag or ribbon to each plant, and voila – you have charming and budget-friendly wedding door gifts that invitees to take home and enjoy as a reminder of your special day.

  4. Customized Bookmarks: For book-loving couples, customized bookmarks make thoughtful and budget-friendly wedding door gifts. Create your own bookmarks using cardstock paper, decorative stamps, or photos that reflect your wedding theme. Add a tassel or ribbon for a finishing touch, and package them in clear sleeves or small envelopes with a heartfelt message thanking invitees for being part of your love story.

  5. DIY Bath Salts or Candles: Pamper your loved ones with DIY bath salts or candles as cute wedding door gifts. Create your own bath salts using Epsom salt, essential oils, and dried flowers or herbs. Alternatively, make soy candles in small jars or tins with customized labels featuring the special date or initials. These handmade presents are not only budget-friendly but also luxurious and thoughtful to replicate a spa-like experience at home.

DIY Ideas For Your Wedding Favor

For couples seeking an extra personal touch, DIY wedding favours are cost-effective and a fun way to showcase your creativity. From handmade crafts to homemade treats, DIY door gifts make a nice gesture and great idea for an intimate wedding.

Here are five personalized wedding favors to consider:

  1. Handmade Soap Bars: Create personalized handmade soap bars as wedding favours for your invitees. You can customize the scent, color, and shape of the soap to match your overall theme. Package the soap bars in decorative wrapping paper or muslin bags, and add a custom label with your initials or wedding date for a personal touch.

  2. Infused Olive Oil or Vinegar: Impress your guests with homemade infused olive oil or vinegar as edible favors. Choose high-quality olive oil or vinegar and infuse them with herbs, spices, or citrus fruits for added flavor. Package the infused oil or vinegar in small glass bottles or jars, and adorn them with decorative labels or tags.

  3. Customized Candle Tins: Light up everyone's lives with customized candle tins as wedding favors. Make your own soy or beeswax candles in small tins or jars, and customize them with personalized labels or tags. Package the candle tins in organza bags or burlap pouches for a rustic affair.

  4. Homemade Jam or Preserves: Share the sweetness of your love with homemade jam or preserves made of fruits such as berries, peaches, or figs. Package the jam in mini jars with decorative fabric covers or ribbon accents and a custom label or tag with a heartfelt message.

  5. DIY Terrarium Kits: Give your guests the gift of greenery with DIY terrarium kits as wedding favors. Assemble small glass containers or jars with layers of soil, pebbles, and moss, along with miniature plants such as succulents or air plants.

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, eco-friendly wedding favors are gaining popularity and could help you save money. It may also be one of the important things for a modern couple to consider in effort of minimizing waste and promote sustainability.

Here are five sustainable wedding favors for your wedding day:

  1. Plantable Seed Paper: Give your guests the gift of greenery with plantable seed paper wedding favors. These eco-friendly favors are made from recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds.

  2. Reusable Tote Bags: Provide guests with reusable tote bags as wedding favors, encouraging them to reduce single-use plastic bags and minimize waste. Choose bags made from organic cotton, recycled materials, or sustainable fabrics.

  3. Herb or Flower Seed Packets: Delight your guests with herb or flower seed packets as an eco-friendly and cheap favor. Package the seeds in biodegradable envelopes or recycled paper packets with planting instructions and a heartfelt thank-you message.

  4. Reusable Drinkware: Help guests stay hydrated while reducing single-use plastic waste by gifting them with reusable drinkware as wedding favors. Choose eco-friendly options such as stainless steel water bottles, bamboo tumblers, or glass mason jars with reusable straws.

  5. Beeswax or Soy Candles: Illuminate your guests' evening or night with eco-friendly beeswax or soy candles as wedding favors. Choose natural scents such as lavender, citrus, or vanilla for a soothing and aromatic experience. Package them in recyclable containers or glass jars!

Deciding On A Wedding Favor

Alternatives to Traditional Favors

For couples hesitant to embrace the tradition of wedding favors, there are alternative ways to express gratitude to guests. Options include donating to their favorite charity, hosting interactive experiences, or writing personalized thank-you notes.


In conclusion, the tradition of giving wedding favors continues to evolve in today's modern world. While some couples choose to uphold this time-honored custom, others opt for alternative ways to express gratitude to their guests.

Whether through personalized tokens or heartfelt gestures, the spirit of appreciation remains at the heart of every wedding celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it rude to not have wedding favors?

It's not necessarily rude to forego wedding favors, as every couple has different priorities and budgets for their wedding. Some couples may choose to allocate their resources to other aspects of the celebration, such as entertainment or décor. If you decide not to have wedding favors, consider alternative ways to show appreciation to your guests, such as personalized thank-you notes or charitable donations in their honor.

Do you really need wedding favors?

Wedding favors are not a necessity, but they can be a thoughtful gesture to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. Whether you choose to provide favors or not depends on your preferences, budget, and the overall theme of your wedding. While some couples view favors as a meaningful way to express gratitude, others may opt for alternative forms of appreciation, such as interactive experiences or heartfelt speeches.

Is it customary to have wedding favors?

Wedding favors have become a customary tradition in many cultures, symbolizing gratitude and appreciation for guests' presence and support. While not obligatory, wedding favors are often included as part of the celebration to enhance the guest experience and leave a lasting impression. However, customs vary widely depending on cultural norms, personal preferences, and budget considerations.