Popular Ways of Using a Customised Lanyard in Singapore

Customised  Lanyard in Singapore

A lanyard is frequently seen on students or visitors for identification purposes or to keep small goods close at hand. It can be used in a wide variety of situations. Plain, pre-printed, or personalised lanyards can help retain branding or simply showcase your individual style. We'll go over a few of the lanyard's numerous applications and the industries they may be utilised in, some of which may surprise you.

Best Ways to Use Customised Lanyard in Singapore

Employees, Students, and Guests

As was already mentioned, lanyards can be used by staff, students, and visitors for identification purposes. They will always be able to enter buildings and show proof of their identity because their identification will be attached and readily available.

Badge Reel

Use a badge reel lanyard to make it simple for employees, students, event participants, and anybody else to display their badge or scan their ID card. These lanyards have retractable badge reels that have strong pullout cords. This implies that they won't need to remove the lanyard from their neck to scan into buildings and private spaces or to enter the gym. Remember to purchase badge holders to attach to the lanyards.

Personalised Lanyards

Events, Conferences, and Festivals

Because guests are constantly "on the go," they might easily misplace their goods at conferences, events, or festivals. They use lanyards to secure items like keys and small flashlights to prevent this. Using branded lanyards can help promote the company and offer attendees access to places that can make the event feel more exclusive. Organisers can also give out lanyards to grant attendees exclusive access to some areas in the venue.

ID Badges

If you're organising an event or managing a business where you need to restrict access, such as backstage passes at a concert or for staff-only areas of a hospital, ID badge holders are essential. When adopting security standards, an ID badge has a significant advantage in that it makes it simple to identify staff and personnel. If you're unsure of how to utilise a lanyard with a name badge, use a sturdy holder that displays the attendee's or employee's name plainly and add a customised lanyard in Singapore with your brand or message.


Pouch A zippered pouch is one of the most significant items to attach to lanyards for conferences and school functions since it provides extra security for IDs and other possessions like credit cards and cash. When you select a stylish translucent ID pouch in a shade that complements your brand, you can prominently display the name of your institution in addition to the security advantages. Don't forget to include a high-quality breakaway lanyard to make it simple to attach and detach the pouch before and after the event.

ID lanyards

Community Services

Because of the many degrees of access and sensitive information they handle, public agencies like the military, police, and political parties need to maintain stringent security. Lanyards are used to identify people entering and exiting restricted buildings and can be used to determine who has access to what levels of resources.

Film and Production

Using a customised lanyard in Singapore in the film and television industry lets crew members swiftly enter locations and carry vital objects, such as a pen for taking notes. Because the industry is fast-paced and the crew needs to adjust to the demands to ensure progress is on track, it is convenient to have products close at hand.

Chargers for Devices & Power Banks

Power banks and device chargers are crucial in many professions, whether for your sales team, who makes calls all day, or employees who travel frequently. However, since recipients already must worry about finding their phones, maintaining these charging gadgets can be a burden. Not if their power bank is securely fastened around their neck. They will always be able to access a power boost with the help of these devices.

Different Lanyards

Coaches and Sports

Because they are rarely in a situation where they are established in one location and must carry light goods and keep them nearby due to their continual use, people (like referees and sports coaches) use lanyards to carry whistles.

Safety Whistles

The safety of your university's students and staff, particularly those who work the late shift, is of utmost importance. Safety whistles are excellent items to put on lanyards since giving kids the tools they'll need in an emergency is one of the best ways to keep them safe. They won't have to worry about searching through their pockets or baggage to find a safety whistle if they keep it close to their chest. To call for assistance, all they need to do is reach for the whistle around their neck and blow.

Lanyard Pouch

Ceremonies for Awards and Medals

A type of specialist lanyard, medals can be affixed to the end of straps of cloth to display the accomplishment. The lanyard serves the function of allowing athletes to carry their achievements with ease. Medals are frequently awarded at sporting events, including the Olympics and school sports days.

Fundraising and Volunteering

A customised lanyard in Singapore is a common way for volunteers and fundraisers to display identification, which can aid with enquiries about the charity or group for which they are volunteering or raising money. The staff members can demonstrate that they are part of an organisation spreading awareness for a worthwhile subject.

Senior Care

Lanyards are helpful in the daily lives of patients and caretakers in elderly care. Elderly patients can use lanyards to attach alarm systems because they will always be within reach and can warn people of an emergency. The usage of lanyards by the carers as a means of identification can make it easier for their patients to recognise them since it helps patients connect names and faces to specific people.

Individual Use

Although many people would not think of using lanyards for personal purposes, they can be very useful for keeping various items close at hand in the fast-paced world we all now live in. These items include face masks, small tools, or attachable hand sanitiser. Personalised lanyards you can create with our online designer are a great way to express your style. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you add a picture of a loved one, pet, or motivational quote!


As you can see, there is a tonne of other inventive uses for lanyards at trade exhibitions and events as well as for employees, customers, and anyone else. While lanyards with badges or keys will always be popular, many others exist. So, stop worrying about what to put on your lanyard and promote your brand using one of these practical items that people will value.

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