The Right Wedding Door Gift For Your Special Day

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and amazing memories. As couples celebrate their union, the exchange of wedding door gifts adds warmth and fun to tradition. In this article, we'll explore how you can shop the perfect wedding door gift that's memorable until the the end of time.

Why Should You Have Wedding Favors?

Wedding door gifts serve as tokens of gratitude and appreciation for guests who have come to celebrate the couple's special day. They symbolize the couple's heartfelt thanks for sharing in their joyous occasion and help remind others of the experience.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favours

Selecting the perfect wedding favors requires careful consideration of various factors, including the wedding's theme, the couple's preferences and the guests' cultural backgrounds. The ideal gift should meet the double criteria of being both meaningful and practical.

Popular Wedding Door Gifts

There are limitless options for wedding favors, ranging from traditional ones to modern keepsakes. Popular choices include personalized items and edible treats.

Succulent plants in burlap pots with personalized cards for a wedding.

11 Popular Wedding Favors in Singapore

Singapore offers a plethora of choices of wedding favours and here are some popular choices:

  1. Coffee and Tea: A small pouch of your favorite coffee or tea is something to be enjoyed at home.

  2. Gourmet Treats: Packed indulgent sweet tooth treats like chocolates, cookies, or gourmet snacks are always loved.

  3. Customized Keychains: Personalized keychains with the couple's initials or wedding date are a memorable option.

  4. Cute Succulents: Low-maintenance succulents can be centerpieces to any room and symbolize growth and prosperity.

  5. Scented Candles: Luxurious candles in fragrances like jasmine or orchid create a soothing ambiance.

  6. Hand Fans: Ornate hand fans are both decorative and functional, perfect for Singapore's tropical climate.

  7. Local Delicacies: Delight guests with traditional Singaporean treats like kaya jam or pineapple tarts.

  8. Customized Coasters: Personalized coasters featuring the couple's photo or monogram are a practical keepsake.

  9. Tiffin Carriers: Traditional tiffin carriers symbolize family unity and are perfect for serving meals at home.

  10. Artisanal Soaps: Handmade soaps in unique shapes and scents are a luxurious and thoughtful gift.

  11. Art Prints: Local artwork or prints featuring iconic Singaporean landmarks make for memorable gifts.

Where to Find Unique Wedding Favours

Consider shopping at local artisans' markets, boutique shops, or contact online shops that offer handmade and artisanal products.

Personalized Wedding Door Gifts

Personalization adds a beautiful feel to wedding favors, making them more memorable for guests. Feature the couple's names or heartfelt message to make it a lasting memento.

DIY Wedding Door Gift Ideas

From simple handmade soaps to homemade jams, there are endless possibilities for easy DIY wedding favors you can make on your own. It'll make you love the process even more!

Budget-Friendly Options

Keep expenses in mind and explore wedding favor options that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or sentiment.

Woman holding a small succulent plant wrapped as a wedding favor.

5 Affordable Wedding Door Gifts Suitable for Singaporean weddings:

  1. Handmade Soap Bars: These are not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly. Consider wrapping them in pretty paper or cloth.

  2. Mini Potted Plants: Miniature succulents or herbs make sweet and affordable wedding favors. They bring a touch of nature to guests' homes night and day.

  3. Homemade Treats: Cookies, brownies, or traditional Singaporean treats like pineapple tarts or kueh lapis make nice delicacies.

  4. Customized Keychains: Feature the couple's initials, wedding date, or a meaningful symbol to make it unique.

  5. Scented Sachets or Potpourri: Fill pouches with scented sachets or potpourri loved by most. These would add a lovely aroma to guests' homes and the reason they'll think of the pair of lovebirds for awhile!

Creative Presentation of Wedding Favors

The presentation of wedding favors is just as important as the gifts themselves. Consider packing them in decorative boxes, bags, or jars adorned with ribbons and personalized tags.

Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Favor

When choosing your wedding favor, it's essential to consider your guests' cultural background and preferences. Be mindful of cultural taboos and avoid gifts that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

5 Tips To Decide On Wedding Favors For Your Big Day

  1. Consider the Theme and Style of Your Wedding: Align the door gifts with the theme and style of your wedding to create a cohesive amazing experience for guests.

  2. Personalize Whenever Possible: Add a personal touch to the door gifts by incorporating the couple's names, wedding date, or a heartfelt message.

  3. Think About Practicality: Shop for door gifts that guests can use and enjoy beyond the wedding day.

  4. Consider Cultural and Dietary Preferences: Choose inclusive gifts that cater to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions, ensuring that all guests feel valued and included.

  5. Set Expenses Wisely: Look for affordable yet thoughtful options that fit within your financial constraints. It's the sentiment behind the gift that matters most, not the price tag.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Wedding Door Gifts

While wedding door gifts are an amazing gesture, you should avoid these mistakes!

3 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Wedding Favors

  1. Choosing Generic or Impersonal Gifts: Avoid selecting gifts that lack thoughtfulness or meaning. Guests appreciate when they are reflective of the couple's personality or the wedding theme.

  2. Overlooking Cultural Sensitivities: Be mindful of cultural sensitivities and preferences when choosing wedding door gifts. Avoid gifts that may be offensive or inappropriate in certain cultural contexts.

  3. Neglecting to Consider Guests' Preferences: Avoid gifts that are too niche or specific, as they may not be well received by all. Instead, shop for gifts that can be enjoyed by most guests.


Wedding door gifts are more than just tokens of appreciation, they're symbols of gratitude for everyone to love. By offering a wedding favor that is meaningful, you can ensure the success of your beautiful wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of door gift in wedding?

A door gift, also known as a wedding favor, is a small token of appreciation given to guests as they enter or leave the venue. These gifts symbolize the couple's gratitude for the guests' presence and participation in their special day. Door gifts can vary widely, from personalized keepsakes to edible favors.

What kind of gifts do you give at a wedding?

There is a variety of gifts commonly given at weddings, including personalized things like engraved glassware or monogrammed towels. Edible treats such as chocolates or cookies are more practical and common as wedding favors.

What is the gift for wedding guests called?

The gift for wedding guests is typically referred to as a wedding favor or wedding door gift. It is a small token of appreciation given by the couple their guests as a gesture of thanks for attending the wedding celebration.