Wedding Gift Ideas Singapore: Traditional to Modern Ones

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with cherished memories as two families unite and celebrate on the special day. If you're invited to a wedding, getting a gift for the newlyweds is meaningful gesture to convey your best wishes to both the bride and groom.

If you're seeking inspiration for wedding gift ideas in Singapore, look no further!

Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

In Singaporean culture, traditional wedding gifts often reflect symbols of prosperity, luck, and blessings for the happy couple.

Here's a list of customary gifts you can get to celebrate the pair and make it an unforgettable celebration.

5 Traditional Wedding Gifts in Singapore

  1. Red Packets (Ang Baos):

    • Red packets containing cash are an auspicious gift in Singaporean weddings and the amount of money you give varies depending on factors like your relationship with the couple and cultural norms.

  2. Gold Jewelry:

    • Gold jewelry symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and blessings for the newlyweds to embark on their lifetime journey together. Common choices include gold bracelets, necklaces, or pendants.

  3. Tea Sets:

    • Traditional Chinese tea sets are popular wedding gifts that symbolize harmony, respect, and hospitality.

  4. Bedding and Linens:

    • High-quality bedding sets are practical gifts that contribute to the couple's comfort and well-being in their new home.

      A variety of patterned pillows on a neatly made bed.
  5. Kitchenware and Cookware:

    • Essential kitchen items such as pots and pans are practical for couples who enjoy cooking.

Modern Wedding Gift Ideas

In today's modern landscape, wedding gifts should cater to the couple's unique tastes and preferences.

3 Modern Wedding Gifts in Singapore

  1. Smart Home Devices:

    • Smart home devices are practical gifts that enhance the newlyweds' home. These devices can automate tasks, improve convenience, and create a more connected home environment.

  2. Experience Gifts:

    • Consider giving the couple an experience gift such as a gourmet cooking class, wine tasting tour, or spa day, where the couple can enjoy quality time together.

  3. Personalized Tech Gadgets:

    • Personalized tech gadgets make perfect gifts for both bride and groom. Personalization adds a lovely touch especially when from family and close friends.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Stand out by selecting creative wedding gift ideas that leave a lasting impression. This includes a custom artwork, unique wine glasses or just a crafted bottle of champagne that adds to the couple's collection.

Budget-Friendly Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifting doesn't have to break the bank! Make your own handmade photo albums, scented candles, or baked goods. Although inexpensive, they can be a nice surprise among other common things the newlyweds receive.

3 Affordable Wedding Gifts in Singapore

  1. Personalized Photo Frame:

    • A personalized photo frame allows the couple to display their favorite wedding photos. Look for affordable frames and consider adding the couple's names and wedding date.

  2. Candle Set:

    • A collection of scented candles can make a lovely home decor for the newlyweds' home. Choose a set with different fragrances or opt for candles in elegant holders.

      A close-up of colorful, round candles arranged in a grid.
  3. Cookbook:

    • A cookbook featuring easy recipes is a practical gift that will be cherished for years. Look for cookbooks that cater to their dietary preferences and pair them with a set of kitchen utensils or unique snacks.

Where to Find Wedding Gifts in Singapore

Finding the perfect wedding gift is easy with the plethora of options available in Singapore. Here are some places you can visit to find something for the couple's special day.

5 Best Malls in Singapore for Wedding Gift Shopping

  1. ION Orchard:

    • Located on Orchard Road, ION Orchard is one of Singapore's premier shopping destinations, offering a wide range of luxury boutiques, department stores, and specialty shops.

  2. Marina Bay Sands:

    • Marina Bay Sands is an iconic integrated resort with a shopping mall that features luxury brands, unique boutiques, and specialty stores for an upscale shopping experience.

  3. TANGS at Tang Plaza:

    • Explore TANGS at Tang Plaza, a renowned department store located in the heart of Orchard Road that offers a curated selection of home goods, lifestyle products, and designer gifts.

  4. Raffles City Shopping Centre:

    • Situated within the Civic District, Raffles City Shopping Centre is a popular shopping destination known for its mix of international brands, local boutiques, and specialty stores.

  5. VivoCity:

    • As Singapore's largest shopping mall, VivoCity offers an extensive selection of retailers, ranging from high-end brands to affordable boutiques.

How To Choose the Perfect Gift

When selecting a wedding gift, it's essential to consider factors such as the couple's preferences, cultural traditions, and personalization.

If in doubt, opt for timeless and practical gifts that are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by the newlyweds. Remember, it's the sentiment behind the gift that matters the most.

Etiquette for Giving Wedding Gifts

When giving cash as a wedding gift, it's customary to place the money in a red packet and present it to the couple during the wedding reception.

If opting for a physical gift, consider adding a heartfelt card and sending it directly to the couple's home or bringing it to the wedding ceremony.


Choosing the perfect wedding gift is a wonderful way to express your congratulations for the bride and groom. Whether you opt for a traditional or modern gift, the thought and effort is what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you give as a wedding gift in Singapore?

Common wedding gifts in Singapore include red packets (ang baos) filled with cash, gold jewelry and household items. Cash gifts are especially popular as they allow the couple to use the funds as they wish for their new life together.

What is considered a good wedding gift?

A good wedding gift is one that is thoughtful, practical, and reflects the giver's well-wishes for the couple. It can vary depending on the couple's preferences and needs but often includes items that contribute to their new journey together as a married couple.