5 Spooky Halloween Corporate Gifts to Give Your Team

There are a lot of Halloween Corporate Gifts to give your employee, you just have to choose the right one. In this article, we will share with you five of the best gifts you can buy.
It's that time of the year again when pumpkins start to line the streets, children trick or treating, and everyone gets into the Halloween spirit.
And what's Halloween without office parties where you have to dress up and give gifts to your co-workers? If you are looking for spooky ideas on what gift to show your team, look no further!This blog post will share a list of 5 unique Halloween corporate gifts to get everyone in the spooky spirit. From ghoulish gadgets to tingling sweets, we have it all!

Halloween Corporate Gift Ideas

1.Halloween Gift Boxes

What's an office Halloween party without Halloween Gift boxes? These gift boxes are usually curated by the employer, bought in bulk, and distributed as a party giveaway.
Halloween Gift boxes are an excellent office gift to show your employees that you care and want to make their Halloween fun! They make a great office giveaway as it comes with different inclusions. Filled with an assortment of Halloween candy, these boxes will surely be a hit!
What's inside a Halloween Gift Box?
  • Assorted Halloween candy
  • A small pumpkin
  • Fake spider webs
  • A black cat plushie
  • A mini flashlight
  • A notebook with a Halloween design

These are just some things you can find in a Halloween Gift box. So if you are looking for something easy to give and will be loved by all, this is the gift for you! And luckily, you can get this cheaply as it is bought in bulk. You can find these online or in party stores.

2.Skull Coffee Teaspoons

Love coffee and Halloween? Well, these skull coffee teaspoons are perfect for the Halloween season! They will be a great addition to your employees' morning coffee routine.
They are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. So, if you are looking for a unique and practical gift, this is the one for you! Your staff will enjoy using them and will be ready for Halloween!
You can also get some custom ceramic mugs to go with it, or maybe a dark sweet coffee bean to complete the gift set.
How Much Does it Cost?Usually, a set of four skull coffee teaspoons costs $14.99.You can get them cheaper if bought in bulk and get some printed customized tags to go with them from Apex Gifts and Prints.

3.Curated Chocolate Box

Chocolate always makes a great gift, and what's Halloween without some chocolate? This makes a curated chocolate box an excellent gift for your employees this Halloween!
There are many reasons why a curated chocolate box is a great gift. First, it is unique as not many people think of giving chocolates for Halloween. Second, it is a luxurious gift that all will love!
A curated chocolate box usually contains a selection of chocolates from different brands. This is perfect for those who love to try new things and are adventurous with their taste buds!
Recommended Chocolate Brands:
  • Lindt
  • Ghirardelli
  • Godiva

How Much Does it Cost?A curated chocolate box usually starts at $50. You can find them online or in gourmet stores. Some stores that sell them are Godiva, Lindt, and Ghirardelli.

4.Halloween Themed Candles

Halloween Themed Candles are also one of the unique Halloween corporate gifts you can get for your employees! Aside from being practical, unique, and themed, they can easily be bought wholesale, so you don't have to worry about getting them one by one.
Scented candles can make your office smell great, but Halloween-themed candles double the use as a fun decoration for your desk.
Halloween candles come in various scents, from pumpkin spice to candy corn. They are also usually made with natural ingredients like soy wax and beeswax. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly gift, this is for you!
Perfect Halloween Candle Scents:
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Candy Corn
  • Apple Cider
  • Cinnamon

Where can I purchase them?You can buy Halloween Candles from Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, or Amazon. To perfectly gift wrap your scented candle employee git, get custom printed wrappers and tags from Apex Gifts and Prints.
How Much Does it Cost?Halloween candles usually start at $15. You can find them online or in stores that sell candles. Some stores that sell them are Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, and Amazon.

5.Custom-Made Skull Shaped Soaps

These bespoke skull-shaped soaps are perfect as one of the Halloween corporate gifts you collect for your employees who love all things Halloween! Indeed, they will be excited to use them and show them off to their friends.
Skully soaps are not uncommon, but they are also helpful. They're produced with all-natural components and aren't tested on animals. So if you're searching for an environmentally responsible and ethical present, this is the one to get!
Other Halloween-Shaped Soaps to Purchase:
  • Pumpkin Shaped Soaps
  • Ghost Shaped Soaps
  • Bat Shaped Soaps
How Much Does it Cost?A set of four skull soaps usually costs $24.99. You can find them online or in stores that sell handmade soap. Some stores that sell them are Lush, Etsy, and Amazon.

Halloween Gift Wrapping Ideas

Custom and Personalized Wrappers and Tags

Now that you have an idea of some of the unique Halloween corporate gifts for your team, you should also think of how to personalize the corporate presents.
Get custom printed wrappers and tags to wrap your Halloween corporate gift perfectly. Many shops online, like Apex Gifts and Prints, have a wide selection of designs, and you can even get them personalized!
Apex Gifts and Prints also offers a wide range of gift wrapping products like ribbons, tissue paper, and gift boxes. So, look no further if you are looking for the perfect way to wrap your Halloween corporate gift!
How Much Does it Cost?The cost of custom-printed wrappers and tags starts at $20. You can choose your material, design, and color when personalizing.
Personalized Halloween Wrapper and Tag Ideas:
  1. Get your company logo printed on the wrapper or tag
  2. Print the recipient's name on the wrapper or tag
  3. Add a message or quote that is Halloween-themed or tag
What are you waiting for? Get started on your Halloween corporate gift shopping today! These gifts will surely please your employees and get them into the Halloween spirit!


Q: What is the best Halloween corporate gift to give?

A: The best Halloween corporate gift to give depends on your budget and the interests of your employees. Skull coffee teaspoons or a curated chocolate box will be perfect if you want a unique and practical gift! Custom-made skull soaps will be great if you wish for eco-friendly and ethical assistance.

Q: How much should I spend on a Halloween corporate gift?

A: There is no set amount that you should spend on a Halloween corporate gift. It all depends on your budget and the interests of your employees. A good rule of thumb is to pay $50 or less for small items and $100 or more for more essential things.

Q: Where can I find Halloween corporate gifts?

A: You can find Halloween corporate gifts online or in stores that sell Halloween decorations or candy. Some stores that sell them are Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, Godiva, Lindt, and Girard Elli.

ConclusionThere you have it! Five Halloween corporate gifts to give your team. From the most straightforward treat to a luxurious gift box, your employee will surely use these gift ideas. And again, don't forget to wrap them up nicely with custom-printed wrappers and tags!