4 Key Points to Note When You Customise Corporate Gifts

Giving corporate gifts to your employees, clients, or prospects is a crucial strategy for boosting your company’s performance and growth. Still, it’s worth remembering that you’re not the only company or individual they are engaging with. Thus, a mass-produced or standard-issue gift item from you will only get lost under the shiny tangle of swag gifts they received from your other competitors.

If you want to get one step ahead of the game, why not try to personalize your gift? In presenting a unique corporate gift, you leave a genuine and lasting impression in the mind of your receiver. However, it’s essential not to get carried away and lose the big picture. After all, customization involves a great deal of imagination and creativity, and in trying to be unique, you may lose sight of your objectives.

When it comes to custom corporate gifts, you can keep these key points in mind and thus stay on track with your corporate gifting strategy.


1. Take a personal approach. 

Always strive to add a personal touch and surprise your recipients with thoughtful and useful options. If it’s one-to-one gifting, get to know your receiver, find out about their interests and hobbies, and get a gift corresponding to said interests and hobbies.

If it’s one-to-many gifting, such as a group of employees and clients, find out the trends in their age group or demographics. For example, your Gen Z employees will probably appreciate tech gadgets or trendy apparel such as customised backpacks, while your swanky business associates will love a luxury gift basket or premium corporate gifts.


2. Spread the holiday vibes.

Although the best corporate gifts are the unexpected ones, it also would not do to skip the holidays where some goodwill gesture is expected. When you send gifts over Christmas, New Year, or CNY, among other holidays and festivals, you can customize your gift to reflect the holiday cheer. Thus, you send your Season’s Greetings in a timely and relevant way.


3. Go big on presentation.

Don’t forget about the unboxing experience. Remember that the packaging is part of the gift itself, and the presentation of your gift can help communicate the thought and intention behind it. Making sure that every single part of the gift is enhanced and polished gives a favourable impression to the receiver. A creative presentation increases the gift’s value and creates curiosity and excitement for your recipient.


4. Instill brand awareness.

Don’t lose sight of your corporate gifting goal: building brand recognition, engagement, and loyalty. You can print or engrave your company name and logo on the gift item, but slapping them down in big, bold letters and colours with no true purpose is not the way to go. Remember that your main objective is to show gratitude and appreciation. Strive to promote your company in a subtle way and aim to spark the recipient’s emotional connection to your brand. 



Customizing a corporate gift means planning ahead and being intentional and goal-oriented with your strategy. In this way, you get the most ROI out of your corporate gifting campaign.

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