Choosing The Right Pen For Your Promotional Campaign

Not every promotional pen are made the same. Key differences such as type of ink, ink colour options, and design of the pens will help you decide which promotional pen will suit better your intended recipient’s needs. Knowing the key difference between promotional pens you intend to give away during roadshows or as corporate gifts to your employees and clients can determine if they will be used or chucked aside.

Ballpoint pens for everyday use

Ballpoint pens are the most used writing tool. It was designed to be a more reliable and cleaner option to dip and fountain pens. Utilising a metal ball at the tip, the ink rolls over the ball as you write. The ink used in ballpoint pens is thicker and oil-based, thus allowing the user to use less ink to write, resulting in the ink lasting longer than its other counterparts.

Our ballpoint pens come in different styles, price points, and colours. We ensure that our variety of ballpoint pens fits any category of recipients you might be giving to, from the more luxurious metal plated ones to unique designs such as a multifunctional disinfectant ballpoint pen with alcohol spray.


Multifunctional pens for tech-savvy

Smartphones, tablets, and computers with touchscreen functions are electronic tools many clients and employees work with on a day-to-day basis. Multifunctional pens that allow them to transit seamlessly from writing on their notepads or notebooks to their electronic device will be greatly appreciated by many. All they need to do is just flip the pen to reach either the pen or the stylus.

We have a few varieties of pen and stylus combinations. One example of such multifunctional pen we provide has six functions. It incorporates a stylus, a Philips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, ruler, spirit level bubble, and a pen. It is ideal for those who work in manufacturing or tech support.


Final thoughts

Choosing the right pen for your promotional campaign is not a hard thing, yet many are not aware of the importance of doing it right. Pens are a versatile corporate gift that anybody can receive. You can even include with the promotional pen a customisable notebook for them to write on. We have a variety of corporate gift notebooks that you can choose from. You can refer to our guide on how to choose the right notebook for your corporate gifts.

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