Collection: Notebooks


When planning customised corporate gifts either for your staff or a promotional event, it can be a little tricky when there are many options out there that might fit the purpose. Many corporate companies want to ensure that the gifts they are getting do not end up collecting dust at a remote corner of the recipients’ house or office.

As simple as they seem, going for customised notebook printing for a gift such as a personalised leather notebook is one of the most ideal and valuable custom corporate gifts in Singapore. They can be gifted to staff, clients, and even as prizes to your customers. At Apex Gifts and Prints, our vast range of custom notebooks printing comes in several materials such as leather, paper, and PU. You can even personalise the notebooks by including logo printing, name engraving, or artwork. We have some of the broadest range of personalised leather notebooks in Singapore.

Why is custom notebook printing an ideal gift idea?

  1. Essential in any industry: 

    Rather than gifting bulky items, the practicality and portability of a notebook, especially with a customised notebook printing make an ideal gift for any industry partner or client. Depending on the type of notebook, most have different sections that allow those across industries to jot down their to-do list, as well as any other important matters.
  2. Highly portable: 

    Our range of notebooks comes in different sizes, from A9 to A5. That being said, it is small enough to fit in all bags. Thus, making it highly portable for any event.

  3. Value for money: 

    It does not cost much to purchase a notebook, and usually, a notebook can last for at least a year. Here at Apex Gifts and Prints, we offer free custom notebook printing of 1 colour logo print, for additional colours prices might differ. This includes services such as silkscreen printing, digital print, heat transfer, precision engraving and many more. We also offer free delivery and artwork work support, which makes ordering custom notebook printing from us even more value for money.

  4. Highly personalised: 

    With choices such as silkscreen printing, heat transfer, digital print, precision engraving and more, the options are endless, making customised notebook printing in Singapore ideal for business promotions and branding.

  5. Fancy and presentable: 

    What better gift than one that looks professional. Apex Gifts and Prints have a good range of personalised leather notebooks that look classy. Some come with a pen, making an ideal set for taking down important business meetings or notes.


Customised notebooks printing is one of the best tools to catch people’s attention. Our range of customised notebooks is kept affordable yet high quality, making them an ideal option for a corporate gift. We also deliver anywhere in Singapore at no cost. Contact us for more information.