Collection: Tumblers & Water Bottles


Discover the best range of tumblers, water bottles and cups here at Apex Gifts and Prints. Our products come in different materials, designs, and sizes, from PVC to stainless steel. Looking to get it as a company gift for your staff or as part of the welcome pack for an event? Look no further. We also offer a printing service for customised works such as logos, images, and words. We offer engraving services too. When you purchase from us, delivery is free and quick. We can deliver within 7 to 9 days in Singapore, and we also ship internationally.


The current most popular item our clients are getting is the 350ml portable coffee cup. Made out of PVC, the coffee cup comes in seven different colours. What makes this cup such a unique gift is that it can be compressed for excellent portability. This is ideal for any coffee lovers who want to get their daily fix but do not want to carry around a bulky cup or bottle.

What makes water bottles such ideal gifts for your staff and customers?

Water bottles are a practical gift. Most people have a water bottle in their bag. Especially in Singapore, where it is hot and humid all year round, having a water bottle on hand is something that most would not think twice about. Hence, most would appreciate getting such a functional gift.

We sell many different varieties of water bottles, from plastic to insulating ones. Aside from the various functionalities our bottles offer, businesses can also customise the bottles by printing their logo. These serve as a form of advertising tool whenever the recipient uses the bottle.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information on any of our printed services or if you want to know more about our tumblers, water bottles and cups options.