10 Best Millennial Gift Ideas that Your Employees Will Use

If you don’t have any work gift idea yet, we will share with you 10 of the best millennial gift ideas you can give to your employees.

It can be tough to find the right gift for a millennial employee. They seem to have everything they need, which is not always easy to please. So, if you're looking for Millennial Gift Ideas, don't worry - we've got you covered!
Whether you are shopping for a work-from-home employee, a workaholic millennial, or a new to the corporate world millennial employee, this list has all the millennial-approved products you have been looking for.
In this guide, we'll share some of the best gifts that millennials will use. We have covered you from practical items like useful gadgets to trendy fashion items and experiential gifts! So take a look and start shopping!
Best Gifts for Millennial Employees
Practical Corporate Gift Ideas for Millenials
Giving gifts to millennials does not have to be complicated. There are a lot of gift ideas out there that can be useful for millennial employees. And here is a definitive list that includes ten of the best gift ideas for your millennial employees:
Gift Idea #1: Portable Photo Printer for your Phone
This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves taking photos. The Millennial generation is the most photographed group and loves sharing their pictures on social media.
Indeed, a portable photo printer will allow them to print out their shots instantly and share them with friends. Moreover, this printer is also wireless and can be easily carried around, meaning your millennial employees can take it to work and print out their photos anytime, anywhere!
You can purchase this product on Amazon, which can cost you around $60, depending on your buying brand.
Gift Idea #2: Insulated Portable Brewer for the Coffee Lover
An Insulated Portable Brewer is another excellent company gift idea for the coffee-lover millennial. This brewer is portable, so your employees can take it to work and make their coffee how they like it. It is also insulated, so it helps keep their coffee stay hot all day!
Moreover, this brewer is also very easy to use, so no worries about complications. All they need to do is add water and coffee grounds and let it brew!
Gift Idea #3: Colorful Bluetooth Speakers
These Bluetooth speakers are an excellent gift for any millennial who loves listening to music. They are colorful so that they will stand out! Moreover, they are also wireless and can be easily connected to any device.
Your employees can use these speakers at work or take them on their travels. Colorful Bluetooth speakers are available on Apex Gifts and Prints for an affordable price and can even be bought in bulk.
Gift Idea #4: Online Shopping Gift Cards
Gift cards are always a great corporate gift idea, so your millennial employees will surely love this one! They can use these cards to shop for anything they want, whether clothes, shoes, or experiences.
Many online retailers offer gift cards, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. You can get gift cards from Amazon, Etsy, or even Target. Millennial employees will appreciate this gift as they can use it to buy what they want when they want!
Gift Idea #5: A Phone Sanitizer
In this generation, it is essential to be sanitary and clean. This phone sanitizer will allow your millennial employees to clean their phones, which they use daily!
This sanitizer uses UV light to kill bacteria and germs. It is also straightforward to use; all they need to do is put their phone in the sanitizer and let it do its job! This makes a great company gift because you can easily buy this in bulk from shops like Amazon or Apex Gifts and Prints.
Gift Idea #6: Clean Essentials Kit
Another gift for your millennial employee is a clean essentials kit that companies can buy at wholesale prices. The pure essentials kit is perfect for the millennial who loves to be organized and prepared for anything.
The kit may include a water bottle, face wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and more. Your employees can take this kit to work or on their travels, and they will appreciate having everything they need in one place!
Gift Idea #7: Folding Bed Tray to Use at Home
For the ones working at home! This folding bed tray is an excellent work-from-home gift for Millenials who need an extra surface to work on or want to enjoy breakfast in bed!
Employees can use this tray to work on their laptops, eat meals, or read. This tray is available in online shops for a low price and will be appreciated as it will make working from home more comfortable!
Gift Idea #8: A Wireless Desk Lamp
Another perfect Corporate Gift Bulk bought is a wireless desk lamp. Not only because it is affordable but is an excellent employee gift for millennials, who love to work late at night, this wireless desk lamp is perfect for anyone who needs an additional light source.
It is easy to use; they need to connect it to their laptop or power source and turn it on! This lamp is available on Apex Gifts and Prints, which means you can also have it customized. Millennial employees will appreciate this gift as it will help them to focus on their work!
Gift Idea #9: Scented Candle Set
For the ones who want to relax - a scented candle set is perfect! This is a good employee gift idea for millennials because each set may include different types of candles. Typically, a group consists of four candles with various scents like lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, and vanilla.
Your employees can use these candles to relax or set the mood for a romantic evening after a long work day. And candles are always a great gift, as they will please any millennial.
Gift Idea #10: Customized Multi Card Set
Lastly, a customized multi-card set is one of the millennials' most practical and thoughtful employee gifts. This is perfect for those who love to be prepared for anything!
This card set includes a business card holder, a credit card holder, and a keychain. Your employees can use this set to keep their cards organized and in one place.
Q: What is a good gift for a Millennial?
A: A good gift for a Millennial employee is practical and thoughtful—for example, a customized multi-card set or a colorful Bluetooth speaker from Apex Gifts and Prints.
Q: What is the best way to shop for Millennial gifts?
A: The best way to shop for Millennial gifts is to find something practical and thoughtful that your employees will appreciate. For example, a wireless desk lamp from Apex Gifts and Prints is an excellent choice for Millennial employees who work late at night.
Q: What are some other good gift ideas for Millennial employees?
A: Other good gift ideas for Millennial employees include a clean essentials kit, a folding bed tray, and a scented candle set. Millennial employees will appreciate these gifts for their practicality and thoughtfulness.
Q: Where can I find wholesale gifts for millennial employees?
A: These Millennial gifts are available from Apex Gifts and Prints. You can find them online or in-store. Apex Gifts and Prints offers various Millennial gift ideas, so you're sure to find the perfect gift for your employees. Visit their website today!
There you have it! These are the perfect practical and thoughtful employee gifts for the millennials. Next time you are stumped on what to get your millennial employees, consider one of these gift ideas! And if you want to keep your budget tight but still get quality Millennial employee gift products, you can check out the Corporate Gifts Wholesale offers of Apex Gifts and Prints.