4 Tips To Design Memorable Corporate Gifts For Your Business

4 Tips To Design Memorable Corporate Gifts For Your Business

Wondering how to design a memorable corporate gift to impact customers is a common and constant struggle for various companies. While it may sound straight-forward, this task is more complex than you think; even the tiniest error can make a wrong impression. With the wide variety of retailers that offer unique corporate gifts, you’ll be able to find the perfect personalised gift to give your business the boost you need.

But if you’re designing a gift yourself, here are several factors that you should look into. To help you get started, check out these four tips that you should keep in mind when embarking on this creative endeavour!


1. Choose a good graphic design tool

The first step in achieving an effective promotional design is choosing an excellent graphic design tool. For those who don’t have much experience when it comes to designing, Photoshop may first come to mind due to its intuitive nature. However, if you do your research, you’ll find several options to choose from that grant a more elaborate output that will impress potential customers. 

Choosing the proper technique when graphic designing is another struggle, so be very careful with this part. Your design can make your content pleasing, attractive and eye-catching or render it dull and tedious. It’s wise to research and study the possibility of inserting creative and dynamic effects such as zooming when highlighting important information.


2. Follow a style guide

Most companies follow a style guide for proper formatting of the material. At first glance, it may not seem important, but something well-crafted makes all the difference in the promotional gift presentation. Additionally, even with detailed guidance, you still need to use common sense when creating the design. To make it a winning marketing tool, you must ensure that your promotional gift has an attractive institutional image, material, style, graphics and usability.


3. Be clean

There’s a saying that goes “less is more,” which can be effectively applied when it comes to corporate gift presentations. With this concept in mind, the transmission of the main message becomes simple, and it helps potential customers focus on the crucial information. Customers may get impatient when your presentation consists of a lot of information with different stylish effects or intense colours. Sticking with what you need is thus sound advice.


Do Your Research 

4. Do your research

Before offering the promotional gift, reviewing the information and points highlighted is essential. Make sure that you’re incorporating relevant details that will be remembered by your customers into the design. With this information, you’ll be able to transform your company into a true benchmark in the market.



Corporate gifting is vital to help promote your business and catch the attention of your potential customers. The tips above are just some things to remember if you’ve decided to go the extra mile for your very own personalised corporate gift to be remembered by.. 

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