5 Benefits of Customized Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a way to show your clients your appreciation for their loyalty and business in a genuine and thoughtful way. If done right, corporate gifts can provide excellent return on investment which leads to more customers and indirect profits.

Corporate gifts humanize business. They are sent to new vendors as a token of appreciation to be in business with you or to let your employees know that you value and acknowledge their effort and hard work. This in turns strengthens your business relationship on a personal level. Give the wrong gift and it can tarnish the image of your company or worse it may offend someone. But worry not, there are many ways to let your client know that you care about them and you value your business with them.

Corporate gifts can range from a pen and office stationaries to an exclusive wine set that may contain your company’s logo or name on it. Tend to think out of the box, instead of imprinting your logo in the middle of the gift, opt for a creative artwork which would convey your company’s message and also tells a simple “Thank You” to the recipient. If done right corporate gifts can yield amazing results. Here are some of the benefits to look forward in decades old tried and tested corporate gift giving custom.

1. Strengthen Your Business To Business Relationships:

Customized Corporate gifts have become more and more popular in last 2 decades. Promotional gifts take advantage of a powerful English word FREE. Give something for free and you are bound to be remembered.

Companies are made up of people and are likely to take notice of a thoughtful and story driven gift. If a promotional gift you give is something which is used daily in office, it will serve as a daily reminder of your company’s goodwill. This shows that you care about your business partnership and are willing to invest time and money to show your appreciations towards this relationship.

Corporate gifts giving strengthens your business partnership on a personal level and thus when forming new partnerships or maintaining the old ones with distributors, vendors or other companies, a gift can go a long way.

2. Gives More Exposure:

Promotional gifts are a best way to get your name out there. Corporate gifts which are embedded thoughtfully with your brand name can create awareness about your new product or service.

Brand awareness is all about remembrance and association. Potential clients are more inclined to use your product if your gift is associated to something positive. There was a study in 2003, in which 62.6% of participants received promotional gifts and about 71.6% of them remembered the company which gifted them. Just imagine the exposure you would get if one of your clients has your promotional gift displayed as decoration, that’s why it is essential to get something impactful for the recipient. It would make great impression in any potential client’s mind which also makes your brand easier to remember.

A sense of familiarity is developed. Even though, there are some non-customers who don’t use your services, but given enough exposure and various encounters with your brand and they will start recommending your company. 

3. Increase Profits:

By giving corporate gifts, you are increasing your direct and indirect profits. Clients who receive corporate gifts are more inclined to spend more on your business. Corporate gifting starts a chain reaction which leads to more sales and then increases your brand awareness as well as your company’s goodwill. Customers who receive corporate gifts feel that they are valued and are getting more value for the money they spent.

Customized Corporate gifts are often used as advertising tools. Promotional gifts which have your company’s logo or name imprinted on it increases awareness about your company. If the gift is thoughtful and unique it raises interest and curiosity in your brand. Corporate gifts don’t have to be something material. You can give discounts or more incentives to potential new clients. Offer free trails for new signups, this will increase your client base.

Your clients can be your most useful asset. They can bring in more leads if given enough incentive. Ask your clients to bring in referrals and in return give them some discount on your product or services. Capitalize on your client’s vast connections to bring in more leads. You can also offer them promotional products as incentive to bring in more customers.

Corporate gifts are an inexpensive way to advertise your brand or products. Corporate gifts are usually bought in bulks and are something which is utilized daily by the recipient, your gift can be conversational topic. This can serve as cost effective advertisement compared to your usual form targeted advertisements on mass media. The below chart illustrates just how much money you save while using corporate gifting as an advertisement tactic.


4. Develop Customer’s Confidence:

Clients who receive corporate gifts are more likely to do business with you again. Corporate gifting creates positive business sense that encourages confidence of your clients in your company. The clients realize that the company value their business relationship. Just imagine the loyalty you would get if your client receives a personalized goodwill gift in addition to your already excellent product and customer service.

5. Improve PR image:

In this ever-connected world, public image of a company is considered core of its business objectives. Clients are more inclined to do business with a renowned and a community respected company. Corporate gifts mirror a positive image of your company. By giving corporate gifts which promote social causes, you are telling that it’s not just business for you but something personal. However, it is always recommended to not cater to some controversial social topics like customizing your promotional products with political slogans.

Employees are the essence of your company’s success. So how you treat them reflects on your PR image. By giving them corporate branded gifts, you acknowledge their hard work and the time they put in. This motivates them and makes them feel that their efforts are seen by the upper brass. Corporate gifts don’t always have to be some materialistic thing, you can provide bonuses as incentives which would increase productivity. You can also incorporate your company’s slogan on promotional products to show that you value team work, consistency and hard work.

Go For Quality To Fully Benefit From Corporate Gifting:

Corporate gifts can increase sales, improve your company’s public image and make your clients remember you throughout the year. But all this can only be achieved if the corporate gift is unique and something that the recipient would appreciate. Corporate gifting if not done right can do the opposite affect of benefiting your business. But worry not! Here are some tips to get you started on corporate gifting so you and your company can fully benefit from it.

  • Be Sensitive of Cultural Differences:

It can not be emphasized enough that you should always know about cultural boundaries of the recipient. Companies now a days opt for diversity. So, when you are sending a corporate gift to inaugurate a new business partnership, keep in mind the things which are considered taboo in your recipient’s culture.

Singapore being an economic hub is home to many nationalities and ethnic groups. Nearly 70 percent of Singapore residents are Chinese, it is highly recommended to not send them white flowers as they symbolize death in Chinese culture. Muslims being the second largest religious demography should be kept in mind while sending corporate gifts. Their culture and religion prohibit them from consuming alcohol or pork-based products. If your business partner or employee happens to be an Indian Hindu, you are better off not sending them any leather items or cow-based products.

  • Keep The Budget In Mind:

Don’t overdo with the price of the corporate gift. You need to keep return-on-investment in mind. Don’t spend 200$ on a customer who only does 100$ business with you. While remaining in budget, opt for gifts with higher price tags for high level executives or your exclusive clients. The optimal amount for corporate gift is considered to be $50-$150.

  • Remember Uniqueness and Quality:

While sending corporate gifts, thrive for a unique and durable gift. Clients appreciate something which they will utilize daily for long time. Your corporate gift must have an impact on the recipient so your company’s objective for such gesture is achieved. Clients are surely to remember something which reflects their personality or some positive experience of their life. Although there are many retailers available online for corporate gifts but choose someone that can cater to your personalized corporate gifting needs. Imprinting a logo or artwork is crucial on the promotional product. Always get it done subtly and from experts like Apex Gifts and Prints. Try to be rememberable, using unique art style or slick logo can make your promotional product stand out from its competitors.

To conclude, Corporate Gifting if rightly customized can get your name out there in a cost effective and dependable way. Doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in, it’s always a good idea to include promotional products in your marketing strategy.