7 Creative Ideas for Corporate Gifts

According to a survey, every 6 in 10 companies give presents to their clients or employees. There has been an increasing trend of promotional corporate gifts and giveaway gifts that is taking a prominent space in the corporate sphere due to its usefulness in increasing sales, boosting employee performance and generally promoting the company. However, you can’t rely on whim merely if you want the gifts to benefit you. Up to 69% of companies which spend on corporate gifts do it for relationship development with their clients. This is why a good and creative present can play significant role for your business.

The Business Gift Satisfaction Survey proved that 57% of people believe a corporate gift can influence their idea about the business partner whether it is positively or negatively. So, here are some creative ideas for corporate gifts:


  • Humor Them

Have you ever felt inclined to build a positive review about a person or company based on their good humor? This same theory applies when you are giving out corporate gifts. Giving out water bottles, journals, cubicle guest book or magic 8 balls as giveaway gifts to your clients with funny messages can change everything. Humor can build trust and a strong bond with your customers and compel them to do further business with you.

On the other hand, if you can also create a sense of cheerful and motivated environment by giving corporate gifts with funny messages to your employees. These kind of customized gifts can improve the work environment overall in your office.


  • Personal Wine Cases

If your company believes in making an impression through elegant and high-end means then there is nothing better than giving a bottle of refined wine. To customize it, you can get customized wooden cases which enhance the charm and will absolutely stun your client.

If you are owner of a food business, wine testing company, this can add a complimentary and unique touch to your business dealing. Moreover, if you add a nice personalized note on the wine case along with the details of your business, you will be able to build and maintain healthy relationships with your clients.


  • Plants and Succulents

Gene Marks, a contributor at Entrepreneur belives that a ‘stupid silly act of kindness’ can go a long way in making an impression. He belives that it is not about money but about letting your clients and customers know that you care. Succulents can be your best creative giveaway as they are not difficult to look after. You can personalize succulents as corporate gifts by getting hand-painted pots, personalized boxes and adding hand written notes.

The key to sending the gifts to your business partners and clients is by making them feel special while staying on their mind. A succulent is an evergreen plant that will remind the clients of your services and turn them into a returning client.


  • Tea & Coffee Selections

Unique giveaway ideas build your business one gift at a time. Nowadays, you can find tea and coffee samplers which you can customize by picking some of your own choice. If you want to further incorporate a personal touch, you can add heart-warming note that will leave the client feeling specially cared for.


Tea and coffee selections are loved due to their nature of being universally loved. Flavored teas and latest coffee brews can enhance your client relationship. As Elle-Rose William states, “Promotional products allow people to see your brand, associate your brand, and recognize your brand.”


  • Gourmet Food Baskets

If you are tired and bored of all other gift ideas to offer your special clients, think of a food basket but with highly customzied setting. When you are in search of giveaway ideas, you have to be creative if you really want to grab the attention of the receiver. The founder of Laura Jennings brings focus to the package by saying, “The quality of unboxing experience sends a strong signal to the recipient.”

However, before sending a food basket, you can ask the clients about any allergies they might have or diet preferences they follow strictly. This will furtehr help you narrow down your search for the foods which should be included in the food hamper. Moreover, the ivigorating thing about sending food baskets as corporate gifts is the cultural and social bonding with your business clients. It will create a long lasting imapct for your business.

  • Customized Coasters

While there are many other high-end corporate gifts which you can offer to your clients, a small business might rely on simpler gifts for occasions such as corporate parties. Especially, if you are handing our door gifts, you might want something smaller which you can purchase in bulk. Customized table coasters can also be used for confrence gifts to the business partners.

Since a lot of us keep a glass of water or a cup of coffee near us, your customized table coaster is most likely to be used around your client’s workspace too. It will be a reminder of your services and kindness to them. To make it interesting, you can either add their name, relevant images or a nice message to the coaster.


  • Customized Calendars

Calendars have a lot of importance in the corporate world. They are our organizers and reminders for meetings and important events. There is not a single office that does not use a calendar to keep up with the coming events. Therefore, customizing a unique and beautiful calendar for your clients can be really useful for promotional giveaway ideas.

When you are customizing calendar for corporate gifts, try to incorporate your own business ideas and beliefs so that it is true to your brand. For instance, you can pick a color theme which is graceful or colorful. Moreover, you can add images which are suited to your own company and quote that will motivate your clients. A calendar will be a constant reminder of your services to your client.


Corporate Gifts Are Essential

If you talk to an owner of a big company they will tell you that investment in corporate gifts is now a necessity. This is due to the fact that corporate gifts have also become a form of advertisement now. In fact, they are just as useful in building business relations with clients as they were 10 years ago. It is due to the fact that everyone likes to receive and be reminded that you care for them.

One thing that is changing in the world of corporate gifts is the use of logos. According to top entrepreneurs around the world, the logo is perceived as marketing collateral now. While using the logo prints on novelty items and door gifts is useful, if you want to stay creative with your top-tier clients, you may want to skip them.


What’s Trending?

Customized t-shirts, mugs, key chains and pens are all still used around the world by companies that want to promote their business. Other things which are commonly considered novelty are business card holders, pen-holders and notepads that are used as door gifts, giveaway gifts and promotional items.

However, a lot of people who want to impress their important clients are now paying critical attention to these presents. Instead of thinking that a gift will not make a difference, you have to think of it as investment in your business plan and be gracious.

You can also tell what to buy for promotions, corporate gifts and giveaway by doing a light research about products which have been useful and which are going out of fashion. This will further help you land on products which can be personalized in unique and individual ways that are really useful for your brands.

You simply cannot neglect the importance of corporate gifts in a world where 50% of people will be using your items on a daily basis as it will be an automatic way of advertising your business to the world. Therefore, a lot of CEOs suggest that you send corporate gifts which are not only pretty but useful too. Food baskets, mugs, wine glasses, wine testers, health boxes, online course subscriptions are quickly becoming a trend among business owners who want to send gifts.

It is not only huge businesses which are focusing on creativity of door gifts either because small businesses realize the importance of investing in presents too. Anyone who is focused on building lifelong bonds with their business partners and initiate new contact through business events hands out door gifts, giveaway gifts and goody bags.

This is why you have to stay as creative as possible and make an unforgettable impression on your partners. If you are in search of bulk corporate gifts, you can easily find many high-quality services such as Apex Gifts and Prints that offer customization of products which you can give to your clients, business partners and employees. There are multiple items to pick from so you don’t feel limited with your ideas and business presents.