Customised Notebooks: 5 Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Work

Customised Notebooks: 5 Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Work

Personalised gifts are steadily becoming one of the more popular choices for a corporate gift. They establish some level of thought and consideration, which bodes well for a long-lasting professional relationship. However, this can mean that you're spoilt for choices. The options range from personalised tote bags to lunch boxes to water bottles. These customised gifts tend to lean towards practical and functional gifts, not gifts that will be thrown to the side for the lack of a better option.

One thing that epitomises functionality is the notebook. They are efficient and versatile and can be given to employees, clients, and customers alike. Here are just some reasons why a customised notebook is the way to go when selecting corporate gifts.


1. They will always be used 

A customised notebook is not a specialised gift in any form. Hence, these notebooks are universally appreciated and will never go out of style. If you want to add that touch of familiarity, you can always personalise it as you see fit.

You don't want to give a gift that could be considered cumbersome and more trouble than it's worth; they are portable and highly functional – the value of the notebook lies in its simplicity. Rest assured that whoever receives this gift will always find a use for it.


2. They are portable and mobile   

As mentioned before, customised notebooks are discreet and easy to carry around. Giving it to the recipient is easy. They will also likely take it with them whenever they need to take notes; this leaves a subtle yet lasting and favourable impression of your company on them.


3. They are inexpensive and sustainable  

Customised notebooks are generally inexpensive, especially if you're buying gifts in bulk. They also last relatively long, depending on how much one uses them. Despite this, they will never be viewed as cheap because of their universal appeal. In that way, you're definitely getting your money's worth when you purchase personalised notebooks.


4. There will be positive associations made with your brand 

Unlike their digital counterparts, notebooks are physical and tangible. They can grow in importance over time through tactile familiarity and habit. Notebooks contain everything from personal feelings to professional notes.

The personalised aspect allows the owner to associate positive feelings with your brand.


Personalised Notebook

5. They look good 

In the professional world, appearances matter. It looks better to take analogue notes than ones on your phone or laptop as it shows a willingness to go the extra mile in your work.

However, it will not do to use any random notebook in a professional setting. Fortunately, one thing our vast collection of notebooks have in common is that they are always visually pleasing. With them being personalised, you can also be assured that your brand name will be put out there, allowing both the recipient of the gift and your company to look good. It's a win-win situation!



A personalised notebook is a unique corporate gift unlike no other. The notebooks are exclusive to you while having a distinct universal appeal. You can't go wrong with a personalized notebook if you're looking to show appreciation for your employees through corporate gifting. It's a good thing Apex Gifts and Prints offers unparalleled customised notebooks. Want to see for yourself? Contact us today, and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for!