Do’s And Don’ts: Tips For Gifting During The Holidays

Do’s And Don’ts: Tips For Gifting During The Holidays

Gifting during holidays such as Christmas should be a time of delight and celebration. But it can also be a stressful period where you will have to make difficult decisions on what gifts to get for your clients, employees or business partners.

Considering the upcoming holiday season, preparing ahead of time is usually best. Holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation and gratitude, and one method for acknowledging your clients comes in the form of a gift box wrapped neatly with a festive ribbon. 

As pleasant of a tradition as gift-giving is during the holidays, it can also be tricky to handle in a professional setting. Here is a list of dos' and don'ts to help you nail gift-giving during the holidays.


Do set a suitable budget

Having a clear budget is helpful when picking out your gift so that you do not spend unnecessarily. Should you find a gift that you like but cannot set aside sufficient funds for, we advise you not to cut costs by looking for cheaper, low-quality products.

Instead, it would be best to go for something within your budget and make it more special by customising it.


Don't give inappropriate gifts

In choosing gifts, remember that giving something inappropriate can send the wrong message to prospective clients or critical business stakeholders. This could make the recipient uncomfortable and leave a bad impression of your brand.

If you have to question if your gift is inappropriate, you probably should avoid it. In this case, go for thoughtful gifts deemed helpful in the office setting.


Do include a personal touch 

Including a personal touch is associated with thoughtfulness. Besides adding personally-baked cookies or a gift card, there are other ways to add a personalised touch! This could mean including a handwritten note or hand-wrapping the gift yourself using unique packaging.

Alternatively, you can consider working with gift printing services to design and print something original and unique for your clients. These little things show effort, which makes receiving them even more special!


Don't Be Insensitive To Other Cultures Or Beliefs

Don't be insensitive to other cultures or beliefs

The holiday and gift-giving season is closely linked to various religious holidays, and it's wise not to assume that everyone is celebrating the holidays the same way as you or that they're celebrating them at all.

Try to stay away from any religious gifts or anything that mentions religion unless you have a confirmation that they will be well received.


Do have fun 

The most important tip to remember is to have fun! Giving and receiving gifts is supposed to be a two-way street – meaning that it brings joy to both the giver and receiver! 

The main essence of the holidays is to show others how much you care and appreciate all they've done for you, so make sure you enjoy the gifting process.



Giving and receiving gifts is one of the best moments associated with special occasions. Keep this list of tips in mind when preparing your corporate gifting strategy this holiday season. If you're looking for more inspiration, do check out our wide range of high-quality corporate gifts online!

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