Get Better Connection With Your Attendees With Custom Swag

Get Better Connection With Your Attendees With Custom Swag


As the pandemic restriction is starting to ease and events are coming back, your company may be thinking of planning a corporate event for your employees or clients, and customers. It is vital to build a connection with your attendees. Top event planners understand the importance of customised gifts or swags to not only enhance brand awareness but also build their attendees’ engagement and experience.

In this step-by-step guideline, we will touch upon some topics, such as the best time to gift your attendees to ensure the authenticity of the connection and how gifts can help generate an excellent ROI for your event. At the end of this article, you will get a better understanding of how to better plan for a successful event.


There are three moments you can plan to gift the attendees your corporate gifts:



You can send the customised swag to your attendees before the event. By doing so, you can extend and enhance the experience and interactions with them. Additionally, it helps create interest which can result in more registrations. Incorporating giveaways for early bird registration via social media can also help gather extensive momentum for your event too!

During the event

Most companies or organisations provide door gifts on the day of the event. It is one of the most common things to do to ensure the deepening of the relationship between the brand and attendees.


Planners can ensure the conversation keeps going even after the event ends by gifting swag. Through post-event gifting, you can remind the attendees of the event’s theme, as well as foster continued engagement with the brand or even encourage them to join the network. Gifting corporate swag is also a great way to generate ideal user-generated content such as social media posts.

Bonus: virtual event swag

Corporate gifting is not just limited to physical events but also events that take place virtually. Apex Gifts and Prints do deliver gifts not just to Singapore but anywhere globally. We can reach your attendees anywhere in the world.



Do not underestimate the power and importance of corporate gifting. Knowing when to give is not the only critical factor, but also knowing what kind of gifts helps tightens the engagement between your brand and attendees. Also, you are not limited to choosing only one moment to give gifts. Choose gifts that will come in handy and also enhance their event’s experience. Practical gifts that your attendees might appreciate are bags, travel packs, journals, water bottles, portable chargers, etc. Avoid common mistakes such as choosing unpractical gifts when deciding to gift swags.

All in all, Apex Gifts and Prints offers some of the most practical yet unique corporate gifts you can find in Singapore. Apex Gifts and Prints’ gifting platform allows event planners to send customised gifts in bulk or to any locations globally, making us an event planner’s ideal source for successful brand activation. Contact us at to find out how you can get started!