Printing logo on Corporate Gifts - Customised Gifts Singapore

There are different kind of printing on corporate gifts. Below are a few examples that we could do. Chat (bottom right corner) with us to know what kind of printing is suitable for your corporate gifts ! 


Pieces of fabric are sewn into the item to form the imprint

Applique Imprint


Imprint is depressed into the item's surface

Deboss Imprint

Deep Etch

Imprint is sandblasted, creating a deep frosted look

Deep Etch Imprint


Imprint is raised onto the item's surface

Emboss Imprint


Computerized sewing machines stitch the imprint onto item

Embroidery Imprint

Foil Stamp

Metallic foil resins are applied to the item's surface

Foil Stamp Imprint

Full Color

Imprint is printed in CMYK allowing for the use of photos

Full Color Imprint

Heat Transfer

Heat is used to thermally bond imprint onto the item's surface

Heat Transfer Imprint

Laser Engraved

Imprint is etched into the item via a laser

Laser Engraved Imprint

Pad Print

Imprint is transferred to the item via an inked flexible pad

Pad Print Imprint

Satin Etched

With use of acid on glass, this gives the imprint a frosted look

Satin Etched Imprint


Ink is pressed through a screen onto the item's surface

Screenprint Imprint