The Importance of Gift-Giving in the Onboarding and Integration Process for Employees

The act of "onboarding" new workers is one of the most important steps in the whole "employee experience journey." It paves the way for how a new employee will feel about the firm overall, as well as the culture and the position that they will play. The optimal onboarding procedure will make newly hired employees feel welcome, provide them with assistance, and motivate them to perform their best job. The provision of corporate contributions is one method of accomplishing this goal. In this article, we will investigate the function that corporate gifts play in the onboarding and integration of new employees.

What exactly are business gifts?

Companies sometimes send promotional products, merchandise, or clothing to customers, clients, or workers as part of their corporate gift giving programmes. It is common practise to mark them with the company's logo as well as a message or phrase. Gifts for businesses may be as simple as pens, mugs, and t-shirts or as extravagant as computers, cellphones, or gift baskets created to the recipient's specifications.

Why are corporate gifts such an important part of the employee onboarding process?

There are various reasons why corporate presents are necessary during the onboarding process of new employees:

  1. Fosters a sense of respect and belonging in the community

Gifts from companies are a concrete approach to demonstrate to new employees the value that the firm places on their contributions and the gratitude that it feels for their choice to join the team. It fosters a sense of belonging, and it gives newly hired employees the impression that they are an integral part of the company. Gifts given on behalf of a company may also assist promote the culture, values, and mission of that firm.

  1. Improves one's morale and sense of motivation

Gift giving has the potential to increase morale and serve as a source of encouragement for newly hired staff members. Gifts from companies may help new employees feel valued and encouraged, as well as get them enthused about their new roles. Additionally, it helps new workers feel appreciated for their efforts, which is a factor that may contribute to the development of a healthy culture.

  1. Contributes to the formation of a favourable initial impression

A kind greeting at the beginning of an employee's journey can help set the stage for success. Gifts from the firm may help companies make a good first impression on newly hired workers and demonstrate to them that the organisation is invested in their professional development. Gifts from corporations may also be used to illustrate that an organisation is attentive to detail and conscientious in how it approaches the employee experience.

  1. Provides practical support

During the onboarding process, new recruits can be supported in a tangible way by the company through the use of corporate gifts. As an illustration, a new worker may be given a laptop case or tote bag with the company logo on it. These items can be used to transport work-related materials or equipment. New employees might have a sense of being more prepared and supported in their new roles as a result of this.

Different kinds of business presents for welcoming new employees

There is no universally applicable method for selecting corporate gifts to be given to new employees as part of the onboarding process. The company's budget, culture, and the sector it operates in will all play a role in the selection of the present. The following are some examples of presents that might be presented to newly hired employees by companies:

  1. Clothing with a name brand

Creating a sense of belonging and fostering team spirit may be facilitated tremendously by the use of branded attire such as t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. You may wear them on casual Fridays, during community events, or even during activities designed to develop teams. Wearing branded gear not only boosts the wearer's exposure to the firm's brand, but it also serves as a walking advertising for the company.

  1. Items for the office desk

Gifts that are functional and helpful, such as mouse pads, pencils, or calendars, are great options for someone who have recently been hired. They also provide a chance to exhibit the company's brand identity and design aesthetic, which is another potential benefit.

  1. Accoutrements for electronic devices

Gifting new recruits with technological equipment like as power banks, USB drives, or laptop sleeves may be a good way to show appreciation for employees who will be working remotely or who will be travelling regularly. They can also be used to demonstrate that the organisation places a high importance on technological innovation and advancement.

  1. Customised gift baskets

It's a good idea to demonstrate new workers that the firm cares about their individual preferences and hobbies by giving them a personalised gift basket if at all possible. For instance, a new employee who is passionate about tea may be presented with a gift basket that has a variety of teas and accessories to go along with them. An chance to express thanks and appreciation might be presented in the form of a personalised gift basket.


The onboarding and integration of new employees can be greatly aided by the use of corporate gifts. They have the potential to contribute to the formation of a favourable initial impression, the development of a sense of belonging and appreciation, the enhancement of morale and motivation, and the provision of practical support. When selecting corporate presents, businesses should take into consideration their available funds, company culture, and the nature of their business. The perfect business present has the potential to set the stage for a smooth and productive staff onboarding process as well as an overall pleasant employee experience.