Using Specifications to Make the Most Out of Customized Presents

Giving gifts is not easy and can be even more complicated when you want to bulk purchase corporate gifts. Many things come into your mind that makes you doubt if your ideas are good enough. This is why you must plan the corporate gifts and try to make specifications intriguing and interesting. Since there are many types of gifts that you are going to choose from, you can make each one look special by adding value through specifications.


If you have been trying to pick the best corporate gifts, it would be a relief to know that you can make almost anything special. If you stay unique and creative, you can easily buy door gifts that grab the attention of the recipient. Here are a few strategic tips on using specifications as a way to make the most out of customized presents:

  • Choosing the Right Colors

Novelty gifts like key chains, t-shirts, canvas bags, pen holders, umbrellas, table coasters etc. can be bought in different colors. You can easily place an order without specifying colors. However, this is where you are making the mistake. If you really want the customers and clients to connect with your present, you must pay attention to colors.

For instance, if you are handing out door gifts before the holidays begin, pick the Christmas theme with red and green products. On the other hand, you can boost a corporate event with shades that have significance for your brand. For instance, if your brand logo has blue in it, you can purchase corporate gifts with same shade. This will help you create a theme and advertise your company through the products at the same time.

On the other hand, when you want to purchase gifts for your clients, you have to keep in mind which colors have better chances of being reciprocated well by them. Sticking to earthy tones for luxury corporate gifts in such instances would be better.

  • Using Names

Another great way to make use of specifications for giveaway gifts is by adding names. You will obviously be adding name of your company but how about putting names of your employees and clients on the gifts as well? When you want to appreciate your team, giving customized gifts can make them feel valued at the work place. On the other hand, you can offer recognition through putting their name on the shirts, mugs or similar objects.

Similarly, you can add the names of your clients on the corporate gifts. For instance, a customized wine case with client’s name will make them feel connected to you and let them know that you cherish their business relationship.

Everyone has an identity which they might feel is lost when they are working. However, in the past few years, workplace recognition has become an important way to establish a healthy environment for the employees. The new hiring of millennial workforce is especially intrigued by how much the employer knows them authentically.

  • Putting Images

One image can be a memorable instance in the mind of the recipient. Most of the people can appreciate interesting visuals. So, meanwhile you put your company’s logo on the customized gifts, you can also add images to make them special. The image can be clients’ or employees’ own pictures. This is simply a way of telling them that the gift is meant to be for them as a valuable from the company.

On the other hand, as far as images are concerned, you can play around with them. It is up to you to decide how creative you can be. If your company deals with certain products and services, you can get custom made images that are related.

Images are engaging. Therefore, while you bulk purchase corporate gifts, you can enhance their value through specification tricks as this.

  • Getting Wise with Sizes

Now, sizes make up for an interesting trick for picking giveaway gifts. How does one decide if a key chain is enough or should one buy a wine glass set? The sizes of gifts can play a vital role in making your customized gifts effective. You have many options like printing on canvas bag, sending luxury gourmet baskets, beauty product packages or stick with customized paper weights.

One way to use these specifications to the best of your ideas is by taking a look at the event. If you are giving door gifts to customers, luggage tags, key chains, pens, card holders, LED wristbands, souvenir coins and other smaller objects will be more suitable.

On the other hand, if you are arranging gifts for your employees after completion of a hectic project, look for bulkier items like travel pillows, sling bags, water bottles and solar power banks. It depends on your target recipients, event and reason for giving corporate gifts.

  • Make It Speak

There are multiple ways to make a gift look special but nothing like saying something that will stay in the mind of recipient. Therefore, customized gifts must have quotes that deliver your intention behind the gifts. If you are giving t-shirts to your employees for appreciation, you can add messages on the shirts like ‘Thank you for all you do’, ‘Good job’ and ‘your efforts are appreciated’.

These messages create the sense of appreciation that you intend to part. On the other hand, if you want to send gifts to your clients, you can add other messages. On a business anniversary, appropriate quotes can be ‘Here’s to 2 years of working together’, ‘happy business anniversary’ and ‘I look forward to work with you in future too.’

In simpler terms, customizing gives you the option to really share your emotions with customers, clients and employees. These simple messages will create a long lasting business bond too.

  • Know Your Limits

As much as specifications allow you to be creative and make your gifts look really specially, you will also have some limitations set by the supplier. These limitations can be of characters that you can use on the customized gifts. For example when you bulk purchase corporate gifts like mugs, 8 balls, t-shirts etc. you might only have up to 20 character limit.

On the other hand, some suppliers might offer customization of particular objects but not for everything available at the store. Once again, specification is fun and enjoyable but knowing where you must draw the line is the key.

This does not only apply to limits given by the supplied but also when you are choosing the quotes, images etc. to use on the corporate gifts.

  • Relevance to Company

Something that many people look over when they bulk purchase corporate gifts is the relevance to their company. You can make specifications interesting when you are using related messages and items for your business. For example, a health care company might give vitamin pens with specified messages as ‘Take care, XYZ’. This simply enhances your own use of specifications for giveaway gifts to customers and clients.

Why Using Specifications Is Important?

It is easier to simply bulk purchase corporate gifts when you want to give door gifts to a lot of people. After all, it will take less time and effort on your part. However, this strategy might back fire if the customers and employees don’t find the giveaway gifts to be useful and special. Moreover, it is about company ethics and telling people about what you company stands for. If they notice that you are making an active effort, they are more likely to emotionally connect with your brand and maintain a positive view about your company.

Therefore, specifications are used by many enterprises, big or small for making a long lasting impression. From sizes, names, character limits and colors, everything comes together to make a special gift which you can give to relevant people.

Corporate gifts logo printing has become common as many entrepreneurs are convinced about their usefulness for their business. It is an indirect way of advertisement with results more successful compared to other types of marketing. Keeping these factors in mind, you cannot overlook the help specifications of corporate gifts can offer you.

When it comes to printing on canvas bag, mugs, t-shirts, umbrellas, humidifiers, wrist pedometers, each item has its own structure and so customization can differ. You should pick a highly reputable printing company that offers corporate gifts logo printing for different objects. Moreover, a qualified supplier will obviously have better experience and strategy to enhance logo printing on all types of objects.

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