What Are Good Corporate Gifts For Events


Corporate gift giving is a tried and trusted tradition to show your appreciation towards your employees for their hard work. You can also send corporate gifts to your loyal clients as a ‘’thank you” or to your new vendors to show the beginning of the long and profitable business partnership.

Corporate gifts are often given at events organized to launch new products or after closing a huge deal with your new business partners. With many options available online or in retail it is difficult to choose the right gift. Well worry not, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying the corporate gifts to either woo your executives or to simply say “thank you” to your customers.

Gift The Clients For Their Loyalty:

You want to show your clients just how much you appreciate their business. And although you are providing a world class product and a 100% satisfactory customer service you still want to show how much you care about their loyalty. But how? Answer is gifts, of course.

Don’t know what to gift? Well, here are some tips to get you started on corporate gift buying.

Select Gift For Each Individual:

Don’t just order same gifts for each and every client invited to the event. Improvise your gifts according to your client’s personality. Don’t order 30 bottles of wine and send them to your clients, when some of them don’t drink or there is that one person among them who always tells you about his love of beer. Select the gift which tells a story and would make an impact on the recipient.

Stay Within The Budget:

Set a price range reflecting the amount of business done by the client. If a client is spending $200 per month for a service or product you provide and you are sending them a $400 Beats headphone—that’s overkill. Select a personalized gift while being in the set budget, which is in proportion to how much the client spends on your company, so that no one may feel uncomfortable or entitled in some kind of way.

Refrain From Logos:

Clients are often invited at events organized for company’s new product launch or to raise awareness about brand. Many useful corporate gifts are often shoved in the bottom drawer because they have logos on them. Many good leather jackets, T-shirts and bags are ruined because they are used as a marketing tool. Just imagine the amount of free advertisement you would get if your customers recommend your products to others because of a business gift that they were impressed with.  

Now that we have gone through the basics of corporate gifting, here are some popular tried and tested corporate gifts to keep your clients remember you all year.

  • Customized Leather Notebook:

Custom Premium PU Leather Notebook: $10.60 with free shipping and delivery.

Now don’t get the wrong idea and think about sending your clients a stack of your company’s logo watered post it notes. You can send a nice leather cased note book enveloped in your company color or have your logo subtly printed on it.

  • Calendars:

Calendars can be considered a cheap way of advertisement and are widely accepted as a popular corporate gift. You can have company branded calendars created by various corporate experts. There is no limit to your customization, you can opt for a motivational quote printed on the calendar and if that quote mirrors a positive experience of your client’s life than much better.

  • Toiletry Bag:

Hanging Toiletry Bag: $4.01 with free shipping and delivery.

Clients that travel frequently would really appreciate this gift. Added features like leather made or water proof makes the bag more durable and longer lasting. Use this corporate gift to be in your client’s mind throughout their travels.

  • Power Bank:

Slim card power bank (2000mAH) : $11.22 You can print your logo or customize the design to

showcase your company’s goodwill in the given price.

Go for the conventional large size power bank or this tech savvy ultra slim one, either is a good crowd pleaser for non-regular clients. You can buy these in bulk and give it your clients at events while not only remaining well within budget but also giving the recipient something useful and innovative.

  • Earpiece:

Premium In-Ear Earpiece: $3.94 You can imprint a color logo on the casing. Go for subtle logo

which would blend in rather than seem out of place.

The importance of headphones or earpieces cannot be underestimated in today’s open workspace. Students and office workers prefer to by themselves during break time in their work filled day and this gift provides them much needed privacy. There are many tech savvy options available in market like wireless ear pieces.

  • Charity Donations:

Charity donations are a good substitute to material gifts. Give charity donation in your client’s stead. This would be a great PR campaign for your company as well as a beautiful gesture towards your client. Be cautious in supporting any controversial campaign, do your research.

  • Gifts Baskets:

Gift baskets are popular corporate gifts during events. You can never go wrong with it and the clients get to have sweet and savory treats.

  • A Water Bottle:

Foldable Water Bottle: $7.55 can be customized with your company’s logo or a custom artwork.

Let’s admit it, we all have more leaky bottles or oversized bulky ones than we know what to do with. Nothing is more pleasant to receive a new water bottle if you are a daily runner or a hike enthusiast. Give it to clients who have adventurous side to them.

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied relies mainly on your product and customer service. But giving them corporate gifts certainly increases their trust in your business. Not all gifts need to be material. You can offer trial-based subscription for your new clients or discount offers on your products for the old clients.

Employees and Executive Gifts:

A company is nothing without its employees who are essential to its success. You want to thank them for their hard work by doing something else than paying their salary, well corporate gifting is a way to go. You want your employees to be appreciated and feel acknowledged then pick a thoughtful gift which reflects their personality. If your employee is a traveler than give him something useful for his travels. Personalize your gifts.

Corporate gifting is also a great way to strengthen your business relationship with business partners on a personal level.

Here are some corporate gifts which would make your employees think of you as THE BEST BOSS EVER!

  • Travel Cushions:

Travel pillow Inflatable pillows air soft cushion trip with back and neck support: $26.99 Comes

in various color and free shipping.

C-suite executives are constantly on the move. They would have board meeting in one city and then would have to fly over to check their field offices in another one. Travel pillows are great way to relax on your journey. This inflatable pillow is an innovative variant of travel cushion which makes it a unique corporate gift for your boss or business partner.

·        Passport Holder:

Premium Leather Passport Holder: $17.33 Engrave logo or creative artwork.

You may have someone is in your employment who likes to travel. This gift is a perfect accessory for a traveler. You can print your company logo or even print some custom quote which will remind your employee of your leadership skill every time he/she has to travel abroad.

·         Laptop bags/sleeves:

Scratch less and water proof laptop bags or sleeves: Prices may vary.

You want to get the gifts that the recipient will use for a long time than laptop bags or sleeves make a nearly perfect corporate gift to be given at events. This accessory would be useful to every person present at the event and added features like water proof and scratch resistance are like cherry on the top.  You can even subtly implant your brand name or logo to raise awareness about your company.

·        Wine box:

Leather Wooden Wine Box with Opener Tools: $31.99 Available in different colored leather casings.

This is a luxury corporate gift which is best suited for executives or exclusive business partners. This makes a classy gift for those who enjoy alcohol. Although this a great business gift you should be aware of recipient’s culture. In Singapore, Muslims are the second biggest demography and they don’t drink alcohol. Be sure to know about your recipient’s culture so nobody gets embarrassed by returning the gift.

What makes a good corporate gift? :

These were some of the suggestions which makes your gift to have a story and an impact on the recipient. Always go for quality over quantity. If you are spending money on a gift be sure to get one which would last long. Corporate gifts are a great way to increase your brand awareness and they could save you money from expensive advertisements. Presenting is crucial part of the gifting. If you are not blessed with the art of packaging go to experts like Apex gifts and prints to get the wrapping of your choice.  Get the gift which would be unique to the experiences and personality traits of the recipient. Remain within the budget, the optimal price range for the corporate gifting is considered to be $50-150$.