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Customised Pen in Singapore 

Apex Gifts and Prints got all you need for a quality, customised pen in Singapore. We have different kinds of pens available, from basic ballpoint pens to multipurpose pens. We also have eye-catching patterns and elegant designs for a premium feel to fit your business.  

For a personal touch, you can also provide us with your design brief and logo and let us handle the printing and production. Choose the pen, post your design online, and we will customise it with your uploaded logo to make it more fascinating and one of the most significant corporate or personal gifts for you or your company.  

All pens are in stock, so you can quickly obtain your customised pen. There are no minimum order quantities, and you may select either engraving or digital printing. Start customising your pen online! 

Browse your desired customised pen in Singapore from our online store today. We deliver as fast as 7-10 days! 


For a good reason, a customised pen in Singapore is a perennial favourite among business presents. These pens are inexpensive and easy to find in large quantities. Even a straightforward design, like the corporate logo printed on the pen, raises consumer awareness of and familiarity with the brand. Also, these pens are used practically everywhere, allowing your business to be noticed wherever the pen is used.  

Personalised pens are the best corporate gift option because there is no such thing as having too many of them, even in Singapore. Branded pens are beneficial and will always find a home, whether on a desk at work or in someone's stationery drawer.  

Corporate pens that are special and skilfully made have a better chance of leaving a lasting impression on recipients, whether they are customers, potential students, employees, or business partners. Thus, start working on your customised pen in Singapore immediately to stand out from the crowd with a distinctive branded pen.  

Customised gifts do not need to be expensive! Your genuineness throughout the giving procedure is more crucial. Pens are an excellent tool for business, corporate gifts, and daily life! Furthermore, getting a customised pen in Singapore that supports your company's beliefs is now a snap – thanks to the vast availability of pen printing services like Apex Gifts and Prints! 

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