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Personalised Mugs and Cups in Singapore

Personalised mugs in Singapore make the ideal gifts. We might puzzle over what to acquire for a special loved one, only to forget that the most memorable gifts are often the most straightforward. At Apex Gifts and Prints, we can create for you a personalised mug or glass cup that's ideal for gift-giving.  

Here are the collections for all our cups, including sealed cups made of wood and plastic and coffee mugs made of stainless steel and ceramic. Every mug and cup we sell can be personalised with any design you want. Select the mug or cup you want to have, submit your artwork, and create a present for a friend or loved one's birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. 

Not only do we offer personalised mug printing in Singapore, but we also deliver as fast as 7-10 days! 


Giving mugs as gifts is not a recent trend. Many people who love mugs have amassed an impressive shelf of mugs from all over the world and stored them in their houses. A customised one, however, adds a different type of charm because it personalises it for you. Here are some reasons why mugs and cups can be the best corporate gifts in Singapore.  

  • A morning hug  
  • Perfect for work  
  • Great for collections  
  • Personal touch  
  • Affordable and valuable  

Although mugs have other uses, when one is given as a gift, symbolism is usually connected. Mugs are appropriate gifts for close friends, family members, and acquaintances, and they are ideal for all situations, most age groups, and both genders.  

Significantly, you increase the likelihood of gifting someone that unique present they will have a strong emotional connection to by sending them an elegantly designed mug built of high-quality materials.  

Check out our collection of customised cups in Singapore, and you might come across the ideal gift. 

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