5 Best Unique and Useful Corporate gifts in Singapore in 2023

5 Best Unique and Useful Corporate gifts in Singapore in 2023

The holiday season is right around the corner and companies are already planning to provide corporate gifts to their employees. But first of all the question is, how can your company provide not only the best but the most useful and unique corporate gift to your employees? In this article, we have gathered a list of the 5 best and most unique corporate gifts that you can provide to your employees here in Singapore. So sit back relax and enjoy reading these very informative and unique corporate gifts money can buy.

Why Corporate Gifts are Important?

Corporate gifts are one of the most important ways of starting and continuing all your connections and relationships with other people and their companies. It’s more like a token of appreciation to all of those people thus creating an effect of making your company stay in people's minds, this also reminds your employees and clients that you are always by their side no matter what the situation is. Corporate gifts also enhance your company’s reputation. This positive reputation can lead to customer referrals and repeat purchases from previous customers allowing you to generate more leads and income.

1. Customized Corporate Notebooks

Customized Corporate Notebooks

Corporate notebooks are not only the best but the number 1 most useful gift that an employee can receive from your company this Holiday Season. Notebooks are not only essential for their work but also very portable, handy, affordable, and flexible for printing. Though corporate notebooks have become one of the most underrated corporate gifts throughout the years it is still one of the best gifts your company can provide. We will also provide you with a separate list of the coolest corporate notebook gifts that you can buy today.

Top Coolest Corporate Notebook Gifts This Christmas:

a. A5 Multifunctional Charging Notebook

This corporate notebook tops the chart on our list because of its very cool feature and usefulness as it’s not only a very useful notebook but also a very good power bank for your mobile devices. Yes, you’ve read it clearly you can charge your device wirelessly using this type of notebook! How awesome is that? The specification of this corporate notebook gift includes an 8,000 mAH Battery, Wireless Capability, 16G USB Flash Drive with LED Lights. You can also choose from a variety of colors such as the following: Black Gray Stitching, Black Red Stitching, Black Orange Stitching, Black Brown Stitching, Dark Blue Stitching, Black Pink Stitching, and Denim Blue Stitching. The size of the notebook's inner paper is 207x142mm customized drawings and samples are also supported. For more information about this product, you may click here.

b. Multifunctional A5 Notebook

This A5 Multifunctional notebook is also one of the best and the coolest in the market today due to its very multifunctional features such as phone charging, Credit Card Pockets, Phone Pockets, Calling Card Pockets, and many more. The available colors for this Multifunctional A5 Notebook are Blue, Gray, and Brown. It is also equipped with the wired and wireless charging features. For more information about this product, you may click here.

c. Exquisite A5 Calendar  Notebook

This corporate gift notebook is also on our list due to its simple yet intuitive calendar-based notebook-type design. This type of notebook can also be used in multiple categories such as journals and daily record books. There are also 2 types of colors that you can choose yellow and brown. The size of this notebook is A5. We can also embed personalized or corporate logos on this notebook for customization and branding. For more information about this product, you may click here.

d. 2023 A4 English Schedule Notebook

This corporate gift notebook is in our list due to its simplicity and usefulness for the everyday lives of our employees. The materials used in this notebook are Daolin papers with 360 pages inside. This notebook comes with a variety of colors such as Black, Blue, and Green all in English version 2023. This type of notebook can be used as a business gift, advertising gift, welfare gift and lastly a festival gift. For more information about this product, you may click here.

2. Customized Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee Cups

Coffee has been one of the biggest drivers and energy boosters in the everyday lives of almost all people and employees around the world. Making customized stainless steel vacuum coffee cups very important in the economy. But why purchase stainless steel coffee cups rather than plastic and cardboard non-reusable coffee cups? The short answer is Global Warming! Make your company greener by purchasing customized and reusable stainless steel cups, these not only contributes to lesser pollution but also allows you to provide more resources to future generations. Other than the most obvious reason for using a stainless steel coffee cups some other reasons are the following:

Stronger and More Durable!

As it is made out of stainless steel, these cups are a 1000x more durable than those plastic and cardboard cups. Allowing your employees to use it repeatedly as they like, it can be used indoors, outdoors and anywhere you desire. How cool is that?

Keeps the temperature longer

As we all know steel has been one of the best temperature conductors in the planet, which is why we use it in different variety of items such as pots and pans for cooking. Now, it’s also been used at coffee cups making drinks temperature last longer and allows your employee to enjoy the drinks that they desire.

3. Corporate Gift Bags

Corporate Gift Bags

No matter where you are on the planet today we bet you are always carrying a bag going to work, school, or where ever you are going. Bags are an essential thing that is a must to carry most of our stuff to proceed with our daily lives. It is also one of the most underrated corporate gifts in the world today. The truth is most people don’t even realize how important bags are in our daily lives.

List of the best unique Corporate Gift Bags:

a. Smart Anti-Theft Lock Computer Backpack

This corporate bag tops the list due to its very cool and secure features. This bag is also gender neutral so either male or female can use it. It is also very durable because it is made out of nylon. The available colors for this bag are Black, Brown, Blue, and Gray. For more information about this product, you may click here.

b. USB Charging Computer Shoulder Backpack

This is second in the list as it also has very cool features that your employees would really like. This bag is also gender-neutral so either males and females can use it. The colors available for this bag are Red, Light Gray, Blue and Black. Some of the best functions of this bag is it is waterproof, breathable, anti-theft earthquake resistant and the most important one is the ability to charge your devices on the go. For more information about this product, you may click here.

c. Portable Cosmetic Storage Travel Bag

As we all know girls can’t go anywhere without their makeup kits. In this list, we have included one of the most underrated but the most useful of all portable bags the cosmetic travel bag. Nowadays, girls are more confident walking around and talking to other people when they feel that they are always beautiful. So make your employees more confident in their day-to-day work and be amazed at what other things they can do to help your business grow. For more information about this product, you may click here.

d. Multi Kinetic Document Storage Travel Bag

As more and more countries now open up borders after the long and strict COVID-19 lockdowns travel bags are now also becoming a trend once again. Travel is essential whether it is for work, study or just pure leisure. Give your employees a chance to imagine traveling to other countries by providing them with a Multi Kinetic Document Storage Travel Bag. This bag is equipped with a lot of document storage for IDs, Passports, and other essential travel documents. It is also very stylish and comes around with a different variety of colors such as Black, Gray, and Navy Blue. The materials used to create this bag are 600 D Oxford Cloth and the size of the bag is around 37x10.5x27 cm. For more information about this product, you may click here.

4. Customized Water Bottles

Customized Water Bottles

As we all know health is wealth and keeping your employees hydrated all the time is very important to keep them active at work. We recommend you to provide customized water bottles. This product will not only allow you to keep a good relationship with your employees but it also provides them insights on how you take your employees health a priority.

Why is it important to keep a water bottle with you all the time?

a. Water is essential

As we all know water is one of the most abundant and most useful element in the planet. Almost all species in the planet needs water to survive and plants need water to especially humans. So keep your employees hydrated all the time.

b. Handy

Carrying a water bottle everywhere you go may seem difficult, but it is actually quite simple. You can simply use the water bags or even put it inside your bag's pocket. Make it a habit to drink water anytime you feel thirsty (and even when you are not). Having water bottles on hand also allows you to assist those who have not. It also keeps you ready for any unanticipated circumstances.

c. Saves Money

When purchasing packaged water outside. Are you aware that the plastic bottle, not the water, is what you are paying for? Water is a necessary good, thus it can't be that expensive. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to carry your own water rather than spending money on single-use plastic bottles that you will eventually toss away.

d. Good for your Skin

You should always make sure that you are caring for your skin properly. The most sensitive element of our bodies, skin also experiences the hardest conditions. The effects of pollutants, temperature changes, injuries, etc. on the skin are significant. Although it is fully capable of fixing itself on its own, you must take all necessary steps to assist. Additionally, it begins with getting enough water.

e. Prevents Headaches

A headache you don't understand is frequently the result of a long day of labor spent in front of a computer or a device. While you shouldn't treat any physical irregularities in your body carelessly, you also shouldn't use medication to treat every issue. See if drinking lots of water can help.

5. Customized Power Banks

Customized Power Banks

We all know that almost all the employees in the world have their mobile devices in them all the time whether to use it personally or for business purposes. It is very important to keep their mobile devices powered up in order for them to be available anytime you and your client calls. Power banks are one of the most important devices that you can provide to your employees. There are wide varieties of power banks available in the market today but in this article we will be providing you one of the best but also the most affordable power banks for your corporate gifts needs.

List of the best unique Corporate Power Banks

a. Slim Card Power Bank

This power bank tops the list because of its uniqueness and affordability. This power bank has an ultra-slim design and a 2,000 mAh Power Capacity allowing you to charge your phone anytime and anywhere. Its sleek and slim design allows it to be easily carried and put anywhere from pockets, bags, and wallets. You can also put your customized company logo in the slim card power bank making it more personalized for you and your employees. For more information about this product, you may click here.

b. Solar Power Bank

We all know that Singapore is one of the most tropical countries here in Asia that is why we included this power bank in the list. Not only that this power bank carry 8,000 mAh of power what can fully charge your phone 2x it also has solar charging capability which is very awesome. This power bank has wide variety of color options such as Black, Rose, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Blue. It is also very slim because of its 15.3x7.63x1cm size. Your company logo can also be printed on the power bank for branding and personalization option. For more information about this product, you may click here.

c. 10,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

This high-capacity power bank comes with a power of 10,000 mAh which has the ability to charge most average phones 2.5x allowing your employees to stay connected almost all the time. It also offers wide variety of features such as the wireless fast charging feature. It comes with wide variety of colours like Gray, White and Black and a size of only 135x73x18 mm allowing it to be very handy anywhere you go. For more information about this product, you may click here.

d. Creative Pebble High-Capacity Power Bank

Lastly, and one of the most unique power bank in the list is the pebble hich capacity power bank because of its very cool design features. This power bank has wide variety of capacity option such as 5,200 mAh/ 7,800 mAh/ 10,400 mAh. It also comes with a polymer lithium ion core and a size of 110x58x25mm. Your company logo can also be printed on the power bank for branding and personalization option. For more information about this product you may click here.



As we all know employees are the backbone of any business and it is very important to keep their morale high and uplifted. Employees can often be demotivated and unhappy sometimes especially if your company does not offer any gifts and they hear that other companies often give gifts to their employees. Corporate gifts are a very good method to enhance employee morale and it is your way of expressing your gratitude for their hard work. Holidays are a season of giving which is why selecting corporate gifts for your employees is not easy. That is why we are here to provide you with a list of the most useful and unique corporate gifts your money can buy. The products listed above come from a variety of unique products that we have in our inventory. Those products are thoroughly selected to provide the most accurate and informative unique corporate gifts that you may be looking for. If you have doubts in finally selecting a product feel free to contact us anytime and we are happy to assist and advice you on selecting the best corporate gift for your employees.

We at Apex Gifts & Prints can provide those needs whether your business is a small, medium, or large business Enterprise. All the products listed above are already available here on our official website. You can browse for more products to see what suits your budget and idea. For your corporate gift customization, you may contact us via WhatsApp so that we can assist your further on your personalized corporate gifts needs.