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Baseball Custom Cap


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Pattern : Black and white
Colour : Red/Yellow/black/white (colour)/Rice white/Hole blue/Color blue/Light blue/navy/orange/gray/brown/Cotton steel buckle/Red and white edges/Khaki white border/Orange white border/Wine red and white edge/Grey white edge/Yellow and white edge/Red and white edge/Black and white edge/Black red border/Pink white edge/Tibetan cyan white edge/Colored blue white border/White black edge/Six high-end cotton sheets/Color blue and white/Tibetan blue and white/Orange white/Pink and white/Black white/Red white/The lake is blue and white/Yellow and white/Grey white/Sponge Coloring/Cotton empty top/Polyester/Print 2 yuan/Printing 2 yuan
Knitting method : Plain weave
Gender applicable:Neutral/Men and women can
Size : Adjustable
Texture of material : Cotton
Hat style : Onion dome
Cap eaves style : Big eaves
Eaves : Flat eaves
popular element : Embroid

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