Collection: Promotional Bags


Whoever you may be, if you are reading this, you probably carry around a bag most of the time. From tote bags to everyday backpacks, whatever custom bags you choose, they are sure to get seen by many. Besides a laptop bag for work or school, a duffel bag for a short holiday, and an insulated bag to keep your food hot or drinks cold, everybody uses a bag to ensure their stuffs are held in place and secured.

Consider the amount of promotion you can earn from a customised bag with your corporate logo on it. Every single moment someone looks at the bag, they will be aware of your corporate business. As the bag passes through the user’s day, it will be exposed to many more potential customers that will be aware of your brand once they see your logo. In a certain sense, these people that are using your custom promotional bags are now an ambassador for your corporate brand.

At Apex Gifts and Prints, we exist to help you in shopping for the perfect corporate gift. With our extensive range of corporate gift bags, we are confident to provide something specific for your corporate needs. Our bags serve all-purpose and are assured of their quality, they are also fully customisable.


Tote Bag: 

 Its main benefit is its sustainability. A quality canvas bag can last for many years and holds well. Many use them either as a day-to-day bag or when purchasing their groceries.

Drawstring Bag: 

A favourite among school events, drawstring bags are great for carrying smaller items and can be used for activities such as hiking and conference fairs in which guests often walk around the venue to collect information and flyers.

Every day, sports and travel bag:

 Apex Gifts and Prints offer some of the broadest range of such bags. We are confident we have a specific product for your needs, from duffel bags to sling bags and travel backpacks. Some of our bags come with additional features such as a USB charging port and telescopic storage.

Shopping and Gift Bag:

 Reusable bags have never been more important in Singapore. More businesses are trying to go green by utilising environmentally friendly materials and launching the No Plastic Bag initiative. You can show your business’s commitment to going green by gifting custom reusable shopping bags to your staff and customers.

An average person carries a bag at least once every single day. A good quality and presentable bag not only can last the user a long time, but it is also a good conversation starter. You can harness this excellent promotional tool today by reaching out to us at Apex Gifts and Prints. We are sure you will be pleased with our range of affordable and quality bags as well as our service. We ship anywhere in Singapore and internationally.