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Customised Laptop Bags or Sleeves in Singapore

Your laptop will be safe in a laptop sleeve. And you can wear one that is both trendy and gorgeous while also being practical to keep your laptop safe. Here at Apex Gifts and Prints, you can customise your laptop sleeve uniquely for yourself.

Browse through our comprehensive selection of laptop covers, bags, or customised laptop sleeves in Singapore for better protection and personalisation for your laptop or tablet. Choose any laptop case from the ready stock in Singapore, send us your logo, messages, or designs online, and have it personalised as a birthday present, corporate gift, anniversary gift, or graduation gift.

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These days, laptops are required for both business and school. Almost everyone uses a computer to get through daily life – from watching educational videos to finishing schoolwork, taking notes, and attending virtual conferences. And because they need a considerable financial outlay, laptops must be protected, especially when not in use. It is where laptop cases are beneficial. While you can purchase one, having a personalised laptop bag or sleeve is more advantageous. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. High performance 

    The demand for premium, robust, and visually pleasing laptop sleeves result from the pervasive need for computers. It is not surprising, given that laptop sleeves effectively shield computers from dings, dust, moisture, and other exterior damage while not in use. But the essential feature of marketing materials is that when you customise a laptop sleeve, they are valuable promotional items that will undoubtedly be used outside the recipient's home, place of employment, or place of study.
  2. Increase brand recognition

    When you customise a laptop sleeve, it gives a significant marketing advantage in raising brand awareness even in markets where you may need to market actively. It is because laptop sleeves can be used practically anywhere, including on aeroplanes, in cafés, and at gatherings outside of your place of employment. It expands your business's reach without spending money on a focused advertising effort.

  3. More sales

    When giving out promotional items, publicity is probably the first thing you think about, but you should also put sales first. Much research indicates that custom-branded marketing products generally positively impact sales. In essence, promotional items like a customised laptop sleeve can serve similarly to a business card but are more practical, engaging, and memorable.


Apex Gifts and Prints is the leading supplier of customised gifts in Singapore, and we take pride in our ability to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of every one of our customers. We'll collaborate with you to offer gift ideas that will impress your target market while considering the newest trends and concepts. Whether you want to customise your present or show appreciation, we have everything you need. Browse our wide range of products – including a customised laptop sleeve – or get in touch with us to have your corporate gifts exclusively manufactured. There are a ton of choices! Apex Gifts and Prints wants to be your go-to wholesale supplier for all of your needs in terms of corporate and promotional gifts.


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